Speedlane Turnstile

Speedlane Turnstile, as a channel Turnstile product for high-end places, is widely used as a tool for management personnel in and out of indoor places. Fastlane Turnstile is characterized by stylish appearance, fast traffic speed, and high degree of intelligence. Glass Turnstile is an access control system and is one of the important parts of modern security access control. Slim Turnstile can be connected with a variety of card reading devices and receive relay switch signals to work. The Swing Barrier can be connected with an external switch button or remote control to realize one-way or two-way control traffic.

Speedlane Turnstiles has an automatic reset function, when the swing arm is opened, it will automatically close after a certain delay (the delay can be adjusted in 3S, 5S, 10S, 60S). Fastlane Turnstiles mechanical anti-pinch: It mainly relies on the reasonable design of the Turnstile Gate’s own machinery to achieve mechanical anti-pinch. When a human body or object hinders the operation of the swing arm, the Slim Turnstiles system will automatically detect and stop the operation. hurt someone or something. Swing Barriers have a strict anti-pinch function and a reasonable logical judgment function.

The switching speed of Glass Turnstiles is adjustable in 0.8-2 seconds: divided into 16 gears, and the switching speed can be freely adjusted according to requirements. Speedlane Turnstyle high-brightness indicator light: can still be clearly seen in daylight or sunlight.

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