Efficient Channel Management: Barrier Free Turnstile

Introduction to Drop Arm Barrier

The Drop Arm Barrier, also known as an Optical Turnstile or Barrier Free Turnstiles, is a cutting-edge solution designed for intelligent management of personnel passages. It represents an upgraded version of Intelligent Tripod Turnstile and Swing Turnstile, offering advanced features and functionality. Similar to the Flap Barrier, the Drop Arm Barrier is meticulously crafted, equipped with comprehensive features, and suitable for high-end environments such as high-end residential areas, intelligent buildings, hotels, subways, docks, and clubs.

Integration of Technology and Identification Systems    

Optical Barrier Turnstiles seamlessly integrate mechanical components, electronics, microprocessor control, and various identification technologies. They are compatible with card-reading identification devices, supporting IC cards, ID cards, barcode cards, and fingerprint recognition systems. Safety protection devices, alarm systems, and direction indicators ensure reliable operation, enabling intelligent control and management of access points.

Versatile Configurations and Remote-Control Capabilities

Drop Arm Barrier are available in single movement options for single-channel or multi-channel applications, as well as dual movement options for multi-channel setups. They can be easily controlled and managed remotely through a central computer. Barrier Free Turnstiles can be connected to various card reading devices, enabling relay switch signal reception for seamless operation.

Enhanced Safety Features and Mechanical Structure

The mechanical structure of the Optical Barrier Turnstiles includes dual anti-pinch functions. If an obstruction is detected during the reset process, the turnstile will automatically stop or the motor will cease operation within a specified time. After a default delay, it will reset again with minimal force applied (≤2Kg), ensuring safety for users.

Automatic Reset Function and User Management

Optical Barrier Turnstiles incorporate an automatic reset function. If a user fails to pass through within a specified time after the gate is opened, the system will automatically revoke the user’s permission for that particular instance. The standard setting is an automatic reset after 5 seconds of gate opening, enhancing access control efficiency.

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