Barrier Free Turnstile

Pedestrian Turnstile In addition to the commonly used Tripod Turnstile, Swing Turnstile, Full Height Turnstile, Speed Gate, Flap Barrier, there is also a Barrier Free Turnstile that is often used in libraries, campuses,school,park,subway station and other occasions. Accessible Channel Door box frames are made of high-quality stainless steel for durability. Barrier-free Turnsyles is equipped with dry contact signal input interface, RS485 / RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with various access controllers, suitable for various indoor occasions such as commercial buildings, office buildings, and exhibition halls.

Barrier-free Turnstiles are composed of a chassis and an electrical control module. The Accessible Channel Turnstile control board detects the passing process of pedestrians through infrared detectors. Pedestrians can pass through legally authorized; Pedestrians are not allowed to pass without authorization. Accessible Channel Turnstiles can be divided into single-channel barrier-free channels and multi-channel barrier-free channels according to the number of channels. Single-channel barrier-free passage: composed of two Accessible Channel Gates, multi-channel Accessible Channel Gates: composed of multiple Accessible Channel Barrier Turnstiles.

Accessible Channel Door Turnstile Size: The channel width is generally about 1.5 meters, and the Turnstile Gates chassis is 0.15 meters wide.Controlled access is the default standby mode for barrier-free passages, and pedestrians are allowed to pass when a legal door opening signal is given. Its legal door opening signal is a dry contact door opening signal and a communication protocol door opening command.Turnstyle Gate infrared detects pedestrians entering the passage, and pedestrians can pass freely.There are three types of traffic modes for barrier-free turnstyle: controlled traffic, free traffic, and prohibited traffic.

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