Hydraulic Bollard

Hydraulic Bollard(Rising Bollard) ensures traffic safety and order by restricting vehicles. Automatic Bollards are widely used in large clubs, banks, schools, communities, gardens, highways, parking lots Pedestrian streets, government gates, road barriers and other places. Security Bollard is a device that uses a hydraulic device as the main driving mechanism.

Rsing Bollard is equipped with a motor and a hydraulic pump, and is powered by 220V voltage. Its deep-buried device has no impact on the ground and is waterproof. There are embedded parts on the periphery of the Parking Bollard, and there is a drainage port at the bottom, which is very convenient for drainage; during construction, after the trench is excavated and waterproofed, the embedded parts can be placed. Security Bollards have good stability and long service life, hydraulic bollards can be used for ten years.

Hydraulic Bollards adopts chrome rails, which is conducive to maintaining a strong impact ability, and can also increase its own weight, so that the embedded parts can be buried firmly in the ground. Automatic Bollards are made of stainless steel, coupled with an enhanced hydraulic system, the weight of the whole machine reaches 130KG, even if a collision occurs, it will not cause damage, and the customer satisfaction is very high.

For some high-security applications, such as military bases, prisons, etc., it is necessary to use anti-terrorist Rising Bollard. Compared with the general civilian-grade Parking Bollard, the thickness of the column generally needs to be more than 12mm, while the general civilian-grade lifting bollard is 3-6mm.

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