Introduction to Hydraulic Bollard System Manufacturing

 Hydraulic Bollard System Manufacturing, also known as Automatic Rising Bollards Manufacturing, plays a crucial role in ensuring traffic safety and order by restricting vehicle access. These automatic bollards find extensive usage in various locations, including clubs, banks, schools, communities, highways, parking lots, and pedestrian streets. The Hydraulic Bollard System Manufacturing is a device driven by a hydraulic mechanism, designed to provide reliable security measures.

Features and Construction of Automatic Rising Bollards Manufacturing

Equipped with a motor and hydraulic pump, Automatic Rising Bollards Manufacturing operate on a 220V power supply. Their deep-buried design has minimal impact on the ground and ensures waterproofing. Embedded parts and drainage ports are incorporated into the surrounding area of the Parking Bollard, facilitating convenient drainage during installation. With excellent stability and a service life of up to ten years, these Automatic Rising Bollards Manufacturing are built to withstand long-term usage.

Strength and Durability of Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing

 Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing are constructed using chrome rails, providing them with enhanced impact resistance and increased weight. This ensures that the embedded parts are securely buried in the ground. The use of stainless steel and a reinforced Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing System contributes to the overall weight of the unit, reaching 130KG. Even in the event of a collision, damage is minimal, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Anti-Terrorist Applications and Special Requirements

In high-security environments such as military bases and prisons, anti-terrorist  Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing are necessary. These specialized bollards are designed to meet stringent security demands. They typically feature thicker columns, with a thickness exceeding 12mm, compared to the 3-6mm thickness found in general civilian-grade lifting bollards.

Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing:

RS security company of Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing is outcome of innovation and new generation technology. under the guidance of skilled team to attain best quality with high performance.

 Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing provide heavy-duty vehicle access or protection against ram raiding.  Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing are manufactured with a lifted height of 600mm as standard.  Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing heavy duty steel structure with reinforced cage provides more strength to withstand highest level of impact.

 Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing Performance

Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing characterized by high efficiency and complete performance. They are impeccable in their movement, exceptional strength with elegance. The intelligent control unit boasts adaptable configurations for various applications, offering versatility in integration.  Hydraulic Rising Bollards Manufacturing unique attributes and master-slave kit ensure seamless operation across the bollard set. Safety is heightened by an in-built hydraulic accumulator that swiftly raises the bollard during emergencies, and a pressure switch prevents collisions. This compatibility extends to combining barrier sets, automated gates, and access control devices, while in-house design and production underscore reliability and customer satisfaction.

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