Enhanced Access Control with Full Height Turnstile

The Full Height Turnstile is a highly reliable access control solution designed for areas that require stringent control measures. Its robust construction effectively prevents climbing and drilling, ensuring unauthorized individuals cannot gain entry. Managed by the appropriate authorities, the Rotate Turnstile provides strict control over access, denying entry to unauthorized persons. Authorized individuals are granted passage as the full-height turnstile automatically releases. With a processing speed of approximately 30-40 people per minute, the Revolve Turnstile facilitates smooth and efficient flow of pedestrian traffic.

Suitable Applications of Full Height Turnstile Gate

The Full Height Turnstile Gate is particularly suitable for environments that demand the highest level of security and Access Control Turnstile. It finds its application in locations such as prisons, military management areas, and facilities with strict Access Control Turnstiles requirements like chemical plants and construction sites. The mechanical design of the Full Height Turnstiles includes an emergency control device that ensures unobstructed passage during power failures. The center pivot arm rotates freely in such instances, guaranteeing smooth movement. When power is restored, the turnstile automatically locks, reinstating security.

Versatile Configurations and Control Features

The Revolving Full Height Turnstiles offers a wide range of configurations to accommodate diverse building environments and meet specific Controlled Access Turnstiles requirements. With up to 11 different configurations available, it can effectively address various challenges related to pedestrian entrances and exits. Moreover, the revolving turnstile provides control flexibility, allowing authorities to determine whether the Security Turnstile should be locked or unlocked at any given time. The turnstile also features a generous number of signal interfaces, up to 20, ensuring convenient user extensions and seamless integration with other systems.

Seamless Integration and Customization Options

The Full Height Turnstiles Gate features a full stainless steel rainproof cabinet, combining durability with an appealing aesthetic design. It also offers personalized installation interfaces, allowing for easy integration of additional components such as card readers and indicator lights. This simplifies the installation process for system integrators, ensuring a smooth and convenient setup.

Accurate Counting and Control Features

The Rotating Turnstile incorporates advanced counting devices for each entry channel and control direction, enabling accurate monitoring of pedestrian traffic. The counting feature can be resettable or non-resettable, providing flexibility based on specific needs. The control system can be either electronic or mechanical, allowing for customization to suit individual requirements and ensuring precise Access Control Turnstiles.

Full Height Turnstile is suitable for strict control areas, which can effectively prevent climbing and drilling. When passers-by pass through the Full Body Turnstile, the Rotate Turnstile controlled by the management authority can deny the entry of persons without authority. If the authority allows the passage, the full high turnstile will automatically release. The speed of Revolve Turnstile is about 30-40 people per minute.The main places where Full Height Barrier Gate is suitable include: prisons, military management areas and factories with very strict access control (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.). The mechanical part of the Full Body Turnstiles contains an emergency control device, in the event of power failure, the center pivot arm can rotate freely to ensure unobstructed passage; when the power is turned on, it will automatically lock. Revolve Turnstile has as many as 11 different configurations, applicable to all building environments, and can solve all control problems of pedestrian entrances and exits. Revolving Turnstile can control whether the Security Turnstile is locked or unlocked at any time. There are as many as 20 signal interfaces, which is convenient User extensions.Full Height Barrier  adopts a full stainless steel full rainproof cabinet, which is novel and beautiful. Full Height Turnstile Gate has a personalized installation interface (such as card reader, indicator light installation, etc.), which ensures that the system integrator’s control gate equipment is simple and convenient to install.Rotating Turnstile have counting devices for each entry channel and each control direction, resettable or not, electronic or mechanical control.

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