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Since 2008, RS Security Co.,Ltd has been focusing on pedestrian access control and vehicle access.We insist on independent R&D, carry out customization for diversified scenes, and integrate new advanced technologies, committing to providing safe pedestrian management for human beings, and building a safer & more convenient future with technology and innovation.
RS Security Co.,Ltd adheres to the spirit of craftsman and deeply studies the turnstile&barrier field. At the same time, with its own influence, RS Security Co.,Ltd establishes high standards of the turnstile&barrier industry, conducting the positive development of the industry, so that the people can enjoy the safety and convenience brought by high quality pedestrian turnstile and vehicle access. RS Security Co.,Ltd has established the professional advanced turnstile experimental base and deepened the research on. pedestrian turnstile and vehicle access +multiple scenes’, covering logic control, drive control, transmission structure, combination of industrial design and aesthetics,ergonomics, sheet metal structure design, material application, new technology integration, various scene characteristics, environmental weather resistance etc.
Over the years, our experimental research and development have achieved many scientific and technological achievements, and have been successfully implemented in various types of turnstile&barrier products. RS Security Co.,Ltd products include speed gate turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, tripod turnstile, full-height turnstile, and optical turnstile gate, vehicle barrier, bollard, blocker and access control system.we customize solutions for customers to meet the needs of various scenes, including office buildings, government agencies, large factories, schools,hospitals, airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, bus stations, rapid transit stations, scenic spots, playgrounds, stadiums and other scenes.