Road Blocker

Road Blocker (aka Road Block, Road Barrier, Rising Kerbs, Traffic Spikes). According to the protective performance, it can be divided into double-sided anti-collision Road Blockers and single-sided anti-collision Road Blocks. All use hydraulic energy as power to realize the lifting function of the turning body.
The main role of Rising Kerbs is to provide security for key defense departments such as troops, prisons, road checkpoints, warehouses,school,square, and docks. Traffic Spikes prevent the forced entry of unauthorized vehicles with high practicability, reliability and safety.

Flip single-sided Road Barrier is divided into Road Rising Blokers with spear point and Road Rising Kerbs without spear point. The overall structure is composed of sub-base, turning body, hydraulic power system and electrical control system. Rising Kerbs are generally used in troops, logistics warehouses, nuclear power plants, military bases, and key government departments. Traffic Barrier is used to protect the safety of the unit’s courtyard and prevent the intrusion of foreign vehicles.
Lifting double-sided Traffic Blockers can withstand the collision of vehicles in two directions. It is specially designed for the two-way blocking requirements of road border inspection, customs docks, prisons, etc.

Road Blockers are durable in construction, heavy duty, smooth in action and low in noise. Rising Blockers adopt PLC control, the system operation performance is stable and reliable, and it is easy to integrate. Road Hydraulic Blockers can be linked with boom barrier and other equipment for linkage control, and can also be combined with other control equipment to realize automatic control.

Road Barrier  is connected to the computer management system or charging system: it can be connected to the management system and charging system, and is controlled by the computer.

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