Introduction to Hydraulic Road Blocker

Hydraulic Road Blocker, also known as Road Blocks, Road Barriers, Rising Kerbs, or Traffic Spikes, serve as essential security measures for controlling vehicle access. These systems utilize hydraulic power to enable the lifting function of the turning body, providing effective obstruction to unauthorized vehicles.

Key Applications and Protective Performance

Hydraulic Road Blocker finds significant application in key defense departments such as troops, prisons, road checkpoints, warehouses, schools, squares, and docks. They offer high practicability, reliability, and safety, preventing forced entry by unauthorized vehicles. The Road Blockers can be classified as double-sided anti-collision or single-sided anti-collision, depending on their protective performance.

Flip Single-Sided Road Blockers

Flip single-sided Road Barriers come in variations with or without spear points. Comprising a sub-base, turning body, hydraulic power system, and electrical control system, they serve various purposes. Rising Kerbs without spear points are commonly used in troops, logistics warehouses, nuclear power plants, military bases, and key government departments. They protect unit courtyards and prevent unauthorized vehicle intrusion.

Lifting Double-Sided Traffic Blockers

Lifting double-sided Traffic Blockers are designed to withstand vehicle collisions from both directions. These systems cater specifically to the two-way blocking requirements of road border inspections, customs docks, prisons, and similar applications.

Features and Integration Capabilities

Hydraulic Road Blocker is built to be durable, heavy-duty, smooth in operation, and low in noise. With PLC control, they offer stable and reliable system operation, allowing for easy integration. These Road Blockers can be linked with boom barriers and other equipment for coordinated control, and they can also be integrated with other control systems to enable automatic control.

Connectivity to Computer Management and Charging Systems

Road Barriers can be seamlessly connected to computer management systems or charging systems. This integration enables centralized control and facilitates operations such as vehicle management and fee collection. The computer acts as a central control unit for efficient management.

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