Boom Barrier

Boom Barrier, also known as barrier gate, parking barrier, boom gate, fence barrier, is a channel entrance and exit management equipment specially used to restrict motor vehicles on the road. Boom barrier is now widely used in highway toll stations and parking lot systems to manage vehicle channels. To manage the entry and exit of vehicles.

The electric barrier gate can realize the landing bar through wireless remote control alone, or it can implement automatic management status through the parking lot management system (i.e. IC card swiping management system). When entering the venue, take the card to release the vehicle. When leaving the venue, the vehicle will be automatically released after charging the parking fee.

The boom gate is composed of reduction box, motor, (or hydraulic) transmission mechanism, balance device, chassis, brake lever bracket, brake lever and other parts.

According to the gate lever, it is divided into: fence barrier, straight pole parking barrier, crank arm boom baffle.

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