Introduction to Swing Barrier Turnstile Manufacturing

Swing Barrier Turnstile Manufacturing, also known as Wing Turnstiles in the rail transit industry, are designed with a flat arresting body perpendicular to the ground. These turnstiles enable controlled access by rotating and swinging the gate pendulum. They are typically constructed using materials like stainless steel, plexiglass, tempered glass, or metal plates with flexible coatings to ensure pedestrian safety.

Structure and Operation of Swing Turnstile Gate Manufacturing

Swing Turnstile Gate Manufacturing consist of a main box and two movable swing bars. The swing bars have the capability to swing either 180° or 90°, allowing for controlled passage or release of individuals. These turnstiles provide efficient persuasion or release functionality within the designated channels.

Channel Entrance and Exit Management

Swing Turnstile Gate Manufacturing are primarily used for managing entrance and exit points. They are commonly employed in areas where only pedestrians, individuals with luggage, or disabled individuals are allowed access. Notably, Swing Turnstile Gate Manufacturing offer wider channel options compared to Flap Barriers, making them suitable for accommodating pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, and other non-motorized vehicles in certain situations.

Fault Self-Inspection and Alarm Features

Swing Turnstile Gate Manufacturing are equipped with fault self-inspection and alarm prompt functions. These features enable convenient maintenance and usage for users. In case of any malfunctions or issues, the turnstiles can quickly identify and alert users, ensuring prompt resolution.

Integration Capabilities with Card Reading Devices

Swing Turnstile Gate Manufacturing can seamlessly integrate with various card reading devices. By receiving relay switch signals, they can synchronize with the card readers, enhancing security and access control. This flexibility allows for efficient and convenient usage in various access control systems.

Swing Barrier Gate Manufacturing: Enhancing Access Control and Security Infrastructure

Swing Barrier Gate Manufacturing are probably the most popular & widely used of all, as they present fine and are very functional. They are perfect where driveway access is critical. The gates can be designed to swing either inward or outward. Swing Barrier Gate Manufacturing, is a form of access control turnstiles that automates the management of people movement at entrance and leave checkpoints, preventing unwelcome visits and enhancing building security. The spacious passageways are accessible not only to usual people, but also for wheelchair users, people with crutches, strollers, bicycles or tool transport, etc.

Swing Barrier Gate Manufacturing Applications:

R S security manufacture a precision range of Automatic Swing Barrier Gate Manufacturing in different compact designs, tolerances and are extremely easy to install. These are specifically designed to suit all architectural designs and are provided with self-locking electromechanical operator. Preferably our all automatic swing gates are set up on a structural metal frame; good quality pivots or wheels. With a modern and user-friendly design, Swing Barrier Gate Manufacturing is a perfect option for a variety of facilities seeking barrier-free access control and security.