Drop Arm Barrier

Drop Arm Barrier ( Optical Turnstile) is a high-tech product mainly for intelligent management of personnel passages. Drop Arm Turnstyle is an upgraded product of Intelligent Tripod Turnstile and Swing Turnstile. Similar to Flap Barrier, Drop Arm Door has fine processing, complete functions, and high-grade High, Drop Arm Gate is mainly used in high-end residential areas, intelligent buildings, hotels, subways, docks, clubs and other high-end places.
Optical Turnstiles organically integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and various identification technologies to facilitate the use of card-reading identification devices compatible with IC cards, ID cards, barcode cards, and fingerprints. Identify system equipment and adopt reliable safety protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators, etc., and coordinate to realize intelligent control and management of channels.
Drop Arm Gates is divided into: single movement: for single channel and multi-channel; dual movement: for multi-channel. Drop Arm Door can directly realize remote control and management through the management computer; Optical Turnstile can be associated with a variety of card reading devices Hook up and receive the relay switch signal to work;

Drop Arm Turnstyle mechanical structure, induction dual anti-pinch function, when the stick is blocked during the reset process, it will automatically stop or the motor will stop working within the default time, and reset again after the default delay (until reset), and the force Very small (≤2Kg);

Drop Arm Turnstyles has an automatic reset function. After the gate is opened, if it does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission to pass this time. The standard is to automatically reset 5 seconds after opening;

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