Railway Speedlane Turnstile RS 716-1

1. Size: 1400 * 120 * 1000 mm

2. Lane Width: 600 mm (standard) 900mm

3. Arm Material: Acrylic/tempered glass

4. Passing speed: 40 person/min

5. Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60Hz

6. DC brushless motor  or imported Servo motor

7. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay

8. Work voltage: 24V


The Slim Swing Turnstile

It is a type of access control device which can be used to read IC cards as well as ID cards, barcode cards, and fingerprint card reading. The turntable is gorgeous and simple to set up. The motion is protected by various functions which include anti-collision, antispinching and auto-closing.

Turntile system with Swing

This sleek speed turnstile has a sleek, modern cabinet constructed of high-quality glass. It is functional and stylish. Doors open and close quickly to let users go through in both directions The cabinets are made available in various sizes. The cabinets can be customized according to specific needs. They can also be used for security as well as efficiency management. The barriers are also locked for emergency egress.

It can integrate with many various access control systems, including RFID and barcode scanners. The system can also accept token or ticket as payment to enter. They can also be utilized to enable disabled accessibility. The majority of them are in workplaces and can appear more discreet than the other types of turnstiles.

Slimlane RS 716 optical turnstiles offer advanced technology, a small footprint and high quality. The Slimlane RS 716 is modified to accommodate multiple devices, and it can work with any contactless reader.

Turnstile function with swinging mechanism

They are a type of gate for pedestrians which allow entry only to the authorized. Turntiles can be used in various locations, like the cafeteria for employees or ticket kiosks. The system is able to be combined alongside other security options such as card readers, temperatures sensors, and visitor management.

They are simple to install and come in a variety of options such as two-way traffic, or single-way. The turnstiles are equipped with barcode or card scanners. They also allow cash and tickets. These are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use since they’re simple to keep clean. They are available in various heights along with various the glass styles and panels.

Automatic access control swing face recognition gate turntile adopts RS Security Co.,Ltd patented passing detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric stereo technology, which can sensitively detect any illegal activity, like reverse passing or tailgating. It can also issue warnings by way of sound and light. The gate is further protected with the infrared technology, which prevents clamping and mechanical protection and collision protection.

Turntiles that turn on the swing feature

A swing turntile is a system that regulates access into a building or public space. It permits people to get in with their correct identity documents. It’s constructed of material that is resistant to weather. It is efficient in energy use and works within safe boundaries of voltage.

It utilizes a set of sensors that form a network of detection, and could stop cheating by stopping the gate. The body that blocks the turnstile swing can be made from a variety of material, like tempering glass, acrylic glass as well as stainless steel. To remind pedestrians that they’ve passed the threshold lighting strips of LED that change color can be put in.

Turntiles that swing can be connected to several different scanners, including face and fingerprint recognition. Additionally, it can be connected with a card system to let users choose which lane they wish to enter. It is also easy to increase the turntile’s capacity if necessary.

Applications for the Swing turntile

Picking the correct turnstile for your specific project takes carefully analyzing how the area is laid out, your security demands and the traffic flow patterns in the site of installation. Waist high swing turnstiles are popular due to their attractive appearance and provide a greater quality of security because they can only be used only by a single person at a time.

The broad pass-through design allows wheelchairs to be pushed through and larger luggage, providing a top-of-the-line solution. They’re equipped with various modes of travel that include free pass mode as well as controlled and locking down modes.

Verify that the maker of turnstiles offers a customer support service with enough resources for backing up their product. The company should be able to provide capacity to give answers on their product and to confirm that the specifications for installation are met. The company should be able produce certifications and other documentation about the process of production. This will save time and money in the long run. Additionally, they must be able to deliver the turnstiles in a complete state and ready to be installed.