Cinema Speedlane Turnstile RS 716-5B

1. Size: 1400 * 185 * 1020 mm (can be customized)

2. Lane Width: 600 mm(standard)  900mm( Handicapped )

3. Arm Material: Acrylic

4. Passing speed: 40 person/min

5. Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60Hz

6. Brushless motor

7. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay

8. Swing gate turnstile Driving Motor: 24V

9. LED light on arms is optional


The Slim Swing Turnstile

It is a type of access control device that supports IC cards such as ID cards, barscode cards, as well as readers for fingerprint cards. It’s beautiful and is easy to install. Additionally, it comes with a variety of protection functions for the moving, such as an anti-pinch function, a collision avoidance feature and auto-close.

Swing turnstile system

The slim speed turntile comes with a sleek, modern cabinet built of top quality glass. It’s functional in addition to aesthetic. Doors are easy to open and close so that people can move the opposite direction. Cabinets are offered at various heights. They are also able to be customized according to specific aesthetic needs. They also provide security and control of throughput, and barriers are also secured to prevent emergency escape.

The system can be integrated into a range of access control devices, such as RFID system and barcode scanners. It can also accept cash or tickets as payment for the entry fee. They can also be utilized for disabled access. These are typically found in workplaces and can appear smaller than some other kinds of turntiles.

Slimlane RS 716 optical turnstiles feature advanced technology, a small footprint, and high-reliability. The Slimlane RS 716 can be customized to incorporate several devices and can be used with any standard contactless reader.

The function of turning the turnstile is called Swing.

Swing turnstiles are pedestrian gates that permit access only for those who have been authorized. It can be used in many places, such as an employee cafeteria. The system can be incorporated with security equipment for facilities including reader cards, body temperature sensors, and visitor management.

They are simple to install and come in a variety of options such as two-way traffic as well as one-way. They may be outfitted with Barcode scanners, or readers for cards as well as accept payment in cash or tickets. These are ideal for both outdoors and indoor use because they’re easy to clean. They can be found in different heights along with various glass and panel styles.

It utilizes the RS Security Co.,Ltd-patented method that detects passing, and also multi-photoelectric stereo technology that can be able to detect illegal activities, such as reverse driving or tailgating. Warns are given in audio and in light. Additionally, it is protected by an infrared anti-clamping system, mechanical anti-clamping and a collision prevention function.

Turntiles that turn on the swing feature

A swing turnstile is a mechanism that controls access to the public or private space. The mechanism allows people to access the area if they’re equipped with valid credentials. It are made of durable materials that can withstand the elements. The device is energy-efficient and functions within acceptable boundaries of voltage.

The gate may be closed by a number of sensors that make up networks. This will stop cheaters. The blocking body of the turnstile swing can be made of a range of material, like the tempered glass, acrylic glasses as well as stainless steel. To remind pedestrians of the time they’ve passed by an LED light strip with color-changing effects can be placed.

The swing turnstile is equipped with various readers, including fingerprint, RFID and faces recognition equipment. Additionally, it can be connected to a credit card system, and permit users to choose the lanes they would like to use. It is also possible to expand the capacity of the turnstile, if required.

Application for Swing Turntiles

If you are considering the right turntiles for your job it is important to take note of the traffic patterns and layout of the location. The waist high-swing turnstiles are popular for their aesthetic appearance and provide a greater level of security control as they can only be accessed by one person at a time.

The wide pass-through allows wheelchairs to move through and larger luggage, creating a high art solution. They can be equipped with a variety options for use in different modes of travel, including a free-pass mode, controlled pass mode, and locked-down mode.

Make sure that the company behind turnstiles is supported by a network with enough resources to support their product. They should be able to address questions concerning the product, and make sure that all pre-installation requirements are met. The business should be able to produce certifications and other documentation about the process of production. This could save time as well as money in the long run. In addition, they should be able of delivering the turntiles assembled and ready to be installed.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 12 × 48 × 62 cm