Subway Speedlane Turnstile RS 716-13

1. Size: 1500 * 130 * 1020 mm (can be customized)

2. Lane Width: 600 mm(standard)  900mm( Handicapped )

3. Arm Material: Acrylic

4. Passing speed: 40 person/min

5. Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60Hz

6. Brushless motor

7. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay

8. Swing gate turnstile Driving Motor: 24V

9. LED light on arms is optional


swing turnstile 304 stainless steel chassic shell

The swing turnstile chassis is constructed from 304 stainless steel that is 2.00MM thick. It is formed by a process of stamping, which is a method of forming metal where an upper die is pressed against a piece of metal to create a desired shape. This creates a strong and durable chassis for the turnstile.

Swing Turnstile Arm marterial

The arm of swing gate consists of two doors made from acrylic, PVC and tempered glass. Each door is individually constructed, carefully crafted and designed to provide a secure entrance and exit. The acrylic and PVC materials are strong and durable, while the tempered glass is shatter-resistant and offers maximum visibility. The doors are connected to a sturdy frame and equipped with various features such as locks and hinges to ensure a seamless and smooth operation. The arm of the swing gate also comes with an optional motorized system for added convenience.


one way or two way controlled

The swing gate is a type of barrier gate that can be used for controlling the entry and exit of personnel in a one-way or two-way direction. It consists of an arm that is attached to a post and swings open and closed to regulate the flow of people. It is usually equipped with a sensor or locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access. The swing gate can also be used to restrict access to certain areas, such as exclusive lounges or VIP areas. It is a cost-effective and secure way to manage the flow of traffic and is commonly used in commercial and industrial establishments.


The swing turnstile is a type of gate that can be used for controlling pedestrian or bicycle access. It is equipped with high sensitivity sensors which are designed to detect the presence of people and ensure their safety. With the turnstile, the access can be programmed to allow only limited numbers of people in or out of a given area at any given time. The turnstile also helps to reduce the risk of overcrowding by controlling the flow of traffic in and out of the area. In addition, the turnstile can be used to limit access to certain areas and can also be used to record the entry and exit of individuals.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 12 × 48 × 62 cm