Stadium Speedlane Turnstile RS 716-E7

1. Size: 1400 * 185 * 1020 mm (can be customized)

2. Lane Width: 600 mm(standard)  900mm( Handicapped )

3. Arm Material: Acrylic

4. Passing speed: 40 person/min

5. Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60Hz

6. Brushless motor

7. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay

8. Swing gate turnstile Driving Motor: 24V

9. LED light on arms is optional

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The Slim Swing Turnstile

It’s an access control device which can be used to read IC cards as well as ID cards, barcodes, as well as fingerprint card reading. It’s beautiful and is simple to install. Additionally, it comes with a variety of security functions to protect the moving, such as the anti-pinch feature, as well as anti-collision and auto-closing.

The turn-tile has swinging arms and swinging arm

The slim speed turntile comes with sleek and minimalist cabinets composed of glass that is premium. It is functional as well as aesthetic. Doors open and close easily so that people can move both directions. Cabinets can be found at various heights. Cabinets can be customized for specific design requirements. The barrier barriers can also be employed to regulate throughput and security. They’re lockable to provide emergencies.

It has the ability to connect with various access control systems, including RFID and barcode scanners. It is even able to accept a cash or ticket in exchange for entrance. It is also possible to use this turnstile to provide access for people with disabilities. The turstiles are usually seen in offices, as they are less disruptive to guests than other types of turnstiles.

The Slimlane RS 716 security lane optical turntile comes with the latest technology in a compact footprint and a high level of resiliency. The Slimlane RS 716 can be designed to integrate different devices and is compatible with any standard contactless reader. The UL2593 listing helps it meet any of the most rigorous security and building codes.

A turn-tile with a swinging mechanism and a turning function

A swing turnstile can be described as the type of gate used by pedestrians to allow the entry of authorized employees. It can be used in many places including the ticket counter or in an cafeterias for employees. It can also be integrated with security equipment for facilities that include cards readers, body temperature sensors, as well as visitor management.

They are simple to install and come with a number of choices, like two-way traffic or one-way. They may be outfitted with Barcode scanners, or readers for cards as well as accept payment in cash or tickets. They’re suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments, and easy to clean. They can be found in a variety of heights, with a choice of the glass styles and panels.

It uses the RS Security Co.,Ltd-patented algorithm for passing detection as well as photography stereo to be able to detect illegal activities, such as reverse driving or tailgating. Alerts are made via audio and in light. The gate turntile is secured from mechanical, infrared and collision prevention functions.

Swing turnstile feature

They are an effective way for controlling access in public or private space. The swing turnstile allows someone to enter with the correct authorizations. It is built from materials which can resist the elements. The gadget is energy efficient and works within safe voltage limits.

The gate could be blocked by a set of sensors which form an electronic network. It prevents cheating. The turnstiles for swings have the body that blocks them made of tempered glass or acrylic glass. LED color-changing light strips can be added for pedestrians to signal their status as they pass.

They can connect to a number of different reader systems, including fingerprint and face recognition. The swing turnstile can be equipped with various readers like RFID, fingerprint, and face recognition devices. It is also possible to increase the capacity of the turnstile if needed.

Application of Swing Turnstile

Choosing the right turnstile for your particular project demands thoughtful consideration of your layout and security demands and the traffic flow patterns in the site of installation. The look of waist-high turning turnstiles are a favorite. They also offer an increased level of security because only one person has the ability to be able to access them at any moment.

The wide pass-through allows wheelchairs to move through with larger bags, providing a top-of-the-line solution. These can have a range of various modes for passage, such as a free-pass mode controlled pass mode and locked-down mode.

Check that the manufacturer of turnstiles has a support network as well as the resources needed to back up their product. The company should be able to provide capacity to give answers on the product they sell, as well as confirm that pre-installation specifications are being met. They should also be able to offer certifications as well as documentation regarding the process of production. It will ultimately save you the time and expense. Additionally, they must be able to supply turnstiles which are completely assembled, ready to install.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 12 × 48 × 62 cm