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The mechanism module of the fully automatic double gates Full High Turnstiles Gate RS 999-1C adopts the accurate positioning encoder and brushless DC motor, combined with the advanced secondary transmission mechanical structure and the rotating column runs quickly, smoothly,accurately and silently.The semi-automatic double-door access control Full Body Turnstile Door RS 999-1C adopts an original professional-grade buffer design,which makes the operation more efficient and stable, reduces losses, and ensures the reliability of the mechanism.The full automatic Full Height Turnstiles and semi-automatic Full High Barrier Turnstiles adopt mechanical anti-tailgating design, which can effectively realize that only one person passes at a time, with very high anti-tailgating performance. The cabinet of Full Height Barrier Turnstile is high and large to form a closed structure to control passage, prevent pedestrian fromcreeping and climbing, so as to realize unattended operation and have a very high security level. the rotating column and cabinet of Full High Door Turnstile are detachable for easy transportation and installation.IP54 Full Body Gate Turnstiles RS 999-1C free rotation by force when power off,locked when power on.120 Degree Full Height Tourniquet RS 999-1C is pedestrian access the upgrading product of tripod turnstiles.Sus304 Full High Barrieres RS 999-1C reset automatically,after authorizer pass through,arm back to zero position and locked.Drop Arm Full Body Turnstiles RS 999-1C anti- passback,with hydraulic damper,high durability and low impact sound.High-tech Full Height Barrier Turnstiles RS 999-1C with standard fire interface,arm can be free rotation by force for evacuation even power is not cut off when fire alarm triggered.Conroling Safety Full-height Turnstiles RS 999-1C with standard inputs and out puts,can be integrated with different access control device.Automated Full Height Turnstile Barrier RS 999-1C can be divided into semi-automatic full height turnstiles and fully-automatic full height turnstile.

Product Name
 Yellow Paint Full Height Turnstile
RS 999-1C
RS Security Co.,Ltd
Framework Material
304 Stainless Steel 
Arm material
Stainless Steel
Speed of throughput:RFID
Maximum 30/minute
Speed of throughput:Face
Maximum 15/minute
Speed of throughput:Fingerprint
Maximum 25/minute
Arm Support
120° rotors with 3 sections or 90° rotors with 4 sections
Passing Direction
Single directional / Bi-directional
Net Weight
Passage Width
Operation Voltage
24V DC
Power Consumption
Operation Tremperature
-15 °C – 60 °C
Operation Humidity
0 ~ 95% (No freeze)
Working Environment
Indoor / Outdoor
Flow Rate
30-40 people per minute
LED Indicator
Access Control
Samrt Card,Fingerprint
Automatic arm open when power off
Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485