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3 Arm Barriers consist of mechanism,electromagnetic,electric circuit,three bars,hydraulic damper,led lamp etc.Waist Height Tripod Turnstile is the most most economic pedestrian access control.Rotate Gates with standard fire interface,arm can drop down for evacuation even power is not cut off when fire alarm triggered.Revolve Door anti-passback,when arm rotates 60 degree,people cannot reverse back.Safety Tripod Turnstiles Barriers with hydraulic damper,low impact sound and high durability:the 3 arms can rotate in one or two directions,controlled by an access control system or push button at a reception desk.Tripod Torniquetes RS 518 is widely used in indoor and outdoor occasions such as stations,bus,subway,governments,office buildings,scenic spots,gymnasiums,schools and so on.

The Tripod Barrier Turnstiles RS 518 can be divided into fully-automatic tripod turnstile and semi-automatic tripod turnstile.Both are adopted mechanical anti-tailgating design, which can realize that single person passes at one time and the anti-tailgating ability is very high.

The mechanism of the fully-automatic Waist Height Barreras adopts a secondary transmission mechanical structure, and the gear transmission ratio is efficient,accurate and stable which can precisely control the rotation angle of the arm and reduce the loss;The mechanism of the semi-automatic Three Arms Barrieres adopts a strong buffer design structure,mechanical vibration and effectively reduce noise,smoothly,run more efficiently and reduce losses.Three Rollers Turnstile Barrier two mechanism designs can ensure the reliability of the mechanism and enhance the service life of the mechanism.Waist High Gate Turnstile full body made of 304 stainless steel.