Bus Tripod Turnstile Gate RS 218-1

1. Size: 480*280*980 mm

2. Lane width: 550 mm

3. Passing speed: 35 person/min

4. Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60Hz

5. Weight: 40 kg

6. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay

7. Casing Material: 304 stainless steel

8. Reliability of the mechanism: 3 million, no-fault

9. Arm material: 304 stainless steel


The Advantages of a Tripod Turnstile

A mechanical access control turntile controls people’s flow into and out of restricted areas. This device is used in high-security areas such as airports and government buildings to verify the identities of guests. They can also be fitted with various technologies, such as RFID, facial recognition and biometric authentication. In addition, they can also be integrated with other systems to improve security and efficiency, such as video surveillance, ticketing, and parking management.

The most popular type of tripod turnstile is the electric one, which uses a motor to activate the blocking rod when someone tries to enter. The blocking rod will move forward a certain distance when the turnstile gate receives an opening signal, and then it will return to its horizontal position. The process is repeated every time a person passes by, which can be as many as 5 million times without any malfunction or failure. This is a very reliable mechanism, which can be easily integrated into a turnstile system and requires no maintenance.

Another advantage of this type of turnstile is its ability to prevent tailgating, or unauthorized entry. The tripod arm turnstile has three instead of one rotating arm. The turnstile can be opened only when the opening signal is received by the control system. This prevents tailgating. This makes it ideal for ticketed places such as amusement parks and cinemas.

In addition to this, tripod turnstiles have many advantages. It can, for example, be constructed from stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and will last a long time. The system is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization. It can also be combined with other security technologies in order to guarantee the safety of employees.

In addition, the design of the tripod turnstile is easy to maintain, which can help reduce operating costs and maintenance expenditures. It is easy to install and transport because the structure of this machine is lightweight and compact. It is also durable, which helps to reduce the risk of damage and loss. It is also easy to maintain by technicians.

The TSTR605 stainless steel tripod turnstile is elegant, modern and offers semi-automatic one-way or two-way rotary barriers. It can also be easily integrated into a variety of access control solutions and biometric authentication systems from third parties. It features 3 rotating arms to prevent tailgating and an emergency mode that unlocks the barrier arms and drops them instantly during emergencies and power loss.

As a professional tripod turnstile manufacturer, Mairs provides the highest quality equipment. It is protected against oxidation by a yellow dichromate coating on the surface. A hydraulic shock-absorbing device has been installed inside, to prevent any impacts during use. Moreover, the waist height turnstile gate has no edges and corners, so it can prevent pedestrians from being hurt during accidental collisions. The turnstile has a low level of vibration and is acoustically silent.