Tripod Turnstile RS 218-4

3 arm turnstile gate RS 218-4

Waist Height Turnstile also called(Three Rollers Barriers,Tripod Gate,Three Arms Doors) RS 218-4 the full body made of 304#stainless steel;Tripod Torniquete RS 218-4 consist of mechanism,electric circuit,hydraulic damper,Three Bars,electromagnetic,led lamp and so on;Tripod Barreira RS 218-4 with standard fire interface,arm can drop down for evacuation even power;Tripod Barrieres RS 218-4 anti-passback,when arm rotates 60 degree,people can not  reverse back;Tripod Torniquetes RS 218-4 the 3 arms can rotate in one or two directions,controlled by an push button or access control at a reception desk.low noise and wear resistance,with hydraulic shock absorption structure

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