Temperature Scan Face Recognition RS 8001E3

face recognition RS 8001E3 and body temperature detection machine is also called face recognition, body temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, and on-site face collection. temperature facial recognition RS 8001E3 is a dynamic temperature measurement type face recognition terminal. , live detection and other functions.
temperature face recognition RS 8001E3 and body temperature detection machine has the characteristics of fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and large capacity of the list library. It is suitable for identification in communities, campuses, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, corporate office buildings, public service places, construction sites, etc. and access control areas.


Basic information
Installation site
Wall installation, gate installation
Working temperature and humidity
-15℃ to 55℃,<90℃RH
Protection level
Aluminum alloy
Recognition performance
Recognition distance
Recognition time
Face library capacity
IC/ID card recognition
Support USB swiping module/serial swiping module (optional)
ID card recognition
Supporting witness comparison;(Support central control, Huashi USB interface universal protocol ID card reader)
Power connector
DC12V x 1
USB connector
USB2.0 x 1
Relay output
Switch output x 1
RJ45 network cable interface
Ethernet port x 1
Wiegand output interface
Wiegand output x 1
Alarm input
Alarm input
Working environment
Power supply
DC12V 2A
Power consumption
Working temperature
Working humidity
Storage temperature
Temperature measurement performance
Temperature measurement distance
Temperature measurement error
Working environment
Indoor, semi-outdoor
Hardware information
RV1109 2 core 1.5GHz
Memory 1GB, data storage 8GB
Display screen
7-inch high-definition IPS LCD screen, resolution 600*1024
Selected touching
200W binocular live camera
Wide dynamic
Fill light
Three-color fill light;Infrared fill light
Support (Selected)
1 way speaker
Support hardware watchdog


Support real time live detection
Support tracking of personnel movements under strong backlight conditions
Unique live face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recognition time is less than 0.5s
Using Linux operating system, better system stability
The camera uses H.265 Main Profile encoding, compatible with NVR and other storage devices through the ONVIF protocol
Mean time between failures MTBF>50000 H
Support body temperature measurement and high temperature alarm
Support temperature data interface protocol docking
IP42 waterproof and dustproof
Support 10000 face matching library and 80,000 face recognition records
Rich interface protocol, support TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, HTTP, DNS, DDNS, DHCP,
SMTP, UPNP, MQTT protocol, Windows/Linux
Built-in light sensor, automatically adjust the opening and closing of the fill light
Rich hardware interface (I/O, WG26, WG34, RJ45, USB)
8-inch IPS full-view HD display, no streaking and delay
Support automatic gain control and automatic white balance
3D noise reduction and fog-passing technology makes the monitoring picture under low illumination more clear and delicate
Support code stream and I frame interval setting
Support video area partial blocking
Support ROI coding
Support setting maximum exposure time Support 2D noise reduction, 3D noise reduction
Support recording schedule time period and upload mode setting
Support video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma adjustment
Support setting the maximum auto exposure time
Support face intelligent exposure, face smart enhancement settings


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