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Have you ever thought Whats a Turnstile gate? What is Turnstile and why they are so special? Then don’t worry here is a guide for you to understand What’s a Turnstile? Why do we need it and its features. Let’s get going:

Turnstiles are special gates used for security and control in public places and buildings. They help keep unauthorized people out of certain areas, like government facilities or offices. A turnstile is like a gate that allows only one person to go through a security checkpoint at a time. This is useful for managing large crowds. After one person passes through, the turnstile gate locks again, so only authorized people can enter. For example, in public transit stations, this makes sure that everyone who enters has paid their fare. There are different types of turnstiles, like the ones in subway stations or the revolving ones at office entrances. They are also used for pedestrian security and controlling access to parking areas. The cost and installation of turnstile gates may vary depending on the type.

What Are Turnstile Gates Benefits?

Benefits of turnstile access control systems

Scaring Away Intruders

One of the main benefits of turnstile entry systems is that they look imposing and intimidating. They act as a physical barrier and discourage potential trespassers. In larger office buildings with advanced security systems, turnstile access control can be connected to security and video surveillance, allowing operators to monitor activities in real-time and respond quickly to anything suspicious.

Quick Response to Issues

It’s difficult for security teams to watch over every activity in a building, especially if it’s big. Turnstile entry control helps detect unauthorized access immediately and notifies security administrators right away if there are any problems.

Integration With Other Systems

Top-notch access turnstiles, like Automatic Systems and Gunnebo, can work together with other access control systems. They can support different methods of access, such as card readers, fobs, mobile ID badges, and even facial recognition in some cases. Turnstile gate systems can be customized to meet specific security needs. Adding other systems and features to access control turnstiles can enhance building security even more.

Control Over Access Flexibility

Unlike regular doors, security turnstiles can work in two directions, allowing either one-way access or in-and-out access. This gives the system more flexibility and lets operators keep track of visitors by observing who enters and exits a building. It provides organizations with better security control and allows data and insights to be collected from a visitor management system that might be integrated with turnstile gate access control systems.

Improving Physical Security

Turnstiles and access control barriers physically block people from entering a building. Installing a turnstile security gate adds extra physical security and helps security teams oversee activities without always being present at entry points.

Managing Crowds

Some security turnstile gates are designed to control access for large crowds at events like concerts, regulate visitors and residents in tall buildings, and ensure that commuters at public transportation facilities have bought tickets for their destinations. Having turnstile access systems can help maintain order in crowds, improve crowd management, and enhance safety.

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