Why do you need to install Swing Turnstile in the scenic spot?

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Application scenario: The face recognition all-in-one machine is installed at the door of the dormitory or in the corridor inside the door of the dormitory building

In order to effectively control the campus and the colleges in the teaching and accommodation area, install the face recognition machine at the important bayonet, and allow the pass only when the recognition is passed, and implement the upload of the face recognition record, complete the statistics, and push the relevant data to the designated person’s On the mobile phone applet.


In the face recognition solution, a person stands within 50cm-1M in front of the face recognition integrated machine, and the binocular annotation camera can complete the recognition, and the card point record that passes the recognition is uploaded to the server. Guangdong Tianbo face recognition access control and attendance software Face recognition records can be processed, and various reports can be generated according to the school’s regulations: summary table of students leaving school, summary table of students returning to dormitory, statistical table of entering and leaving the dormitory during class time, statistical table of absenteeism or late arrival and early leaving, etc.

In addition, the face recognition card point on the face recognition access control integrated machine can also be used for attendance. The Guangdong Tianbo application software can process the face recognition record, and perform the card point processing according to the personnel position and typesetting rules to complete the attendance statistics. The solution is a little bit: the use of a face recognition all-in-one machine has a high recognition rate and can accurately complete personnel identification. It is suitable for indoor environments such as dormitories and corridors.


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