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Modern smart office buildings are usually commercial office buildings. Due to the shortage of urban land, especially the sharp rise in land prices in the downtown area, modern smart office buildings are developing in the direction of integration and integration, and buildings are gradually developing to high-rise buildings. It is difficult to build office buildings independently. Therefore, comprehensive real estate development companies often build high-rise smart office buildings and rent them out in layers to recover investment and make profits.

There are many enterprises in modern smart office buildings, and there is a steady stream of people entering and leaving the building every day. Traditional personnel access management methods often only rely on simple office building Access Turnstiles to manage the most terminal doors. For a large number of visitors, or else Doing management, or a single management method, there are serious security risks.

In response to market requirements, our company has launched the “Office Building Access Turnstiles System” to meet the management needs of the most access personnel in modern smart buildings.

In view of the current situation of frequent entry and exit of smart buildings and chaotic management, RS Security Co., Ltd specially proposed a complete set of intelligent office building Access Turnstiles system solutions, from entering the building to the final access control management, to the personnel in the building. Comprehensive access management. On the basis of not hindering the normal work and access of personnel, the control of personnel access areas has been strengthened, and the security protection capability of the entire building has been improved.

Office Building Access Turnstiles All Access Turnstiles are set up in the public area of ​​the building lobby. Both internal staff and external visitors must pass the authorization certification before passing through the gates, which strictly controls the movement area of ​​personnel and greatly improves the security level.

All personnel entering and exiting the hall gate have detailed entry and exit records in the office building Access Turnstiles system background. At the same time, real-time images are also saved for visitors entering and exiting. Once a safety problem occurs, the entry and exit information of relevant personnel can be confirmed at the first time.

All visitor data is stored in the office building Access Turnstiles statistical server database in a unified format, with a large amount of stored data and a long storage time. It can be freely searched according to various conditions and can be backed up at any time, solving the difficulty in finding traditional paper documents, which is difficult for a long time. save the problem.

Office Building Access Turnstiles provides a self-service visitor registration method. Visitors can independently complete the visitor information search, call, and access information entry on the self-service visitor terminal. Access card, convenient and fast, support appointment function.

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