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Featured Products
Subway Flap Turnstile RS 188 Image
Subway Flap Turnstile RS 188
Flap Turnstile Gate Also Called (Flap Barriers Doors,Flap tourniquet barriere) commonly used Subway,School,Museum,University,Office,Gym,Enterprise,Site,Airport and other places
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Flap Barrier RS 888F Image
Flap Barrier RS 888F
Flap Barrier Gates Also Called (Flap Turnstiles Door,Flap barrera torniquete) commonly used School,Metro,Factory,University,Shops,Stadiums,Restaurant,Toilet,Supermarket and other places
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Flap Barrier RS 888 Image
Flap Barrier RS 888
Flap Barrier Door Also Called (Flap Turnstiles Gates,Flap barreira tourniquet) dedicated to Metro,Factory,School,Shops,Stadiums,University,Toilet,Supermarket,Restaurant and other places
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Flap Barrier RS 988 Image
Flap Barrier RS 988
Flap Barrier Doors Also Called (Flap Turnstiles Gate,Flap barreira torniquete) widely used in Metro,School,Factory,Shops,University,Stadiums,Toilet,Restaurant,Supermarket and other places
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Other Flap Barrier Gate
Pedestrian Flap Barrier Gate RS 288-1 Image
Pedestrian Flap Barrier Gate RS 288-1
Security Flap Turnstile Gate RS 388-2 Image
Security Flap Turnstile Gate RS 388-2
Automatic Flap Barrier RS 488 Image
Automatic Flap Barrier RS 488
Smart Flap Turnstile Barrier RS 588 Image
Smart Flap Turnstile Barrier RS 588
Flap Barrier RS 588-2 Image
Flap Barrier RS 588-2
Flap Barrier RS 688-8 Image
Flap Barrier RS 688-8
Flap Barrier RS 788-1 Image
Flap Barrier RS 788-1
Flap Barrier RS 788S Image
Flap Barrier RS 788S
About Company Image
RS Security Co., Ltd.
RS Security Co.,Ltd. is a Shenzhen China based company that is specialized in physical access control products,such as tripod turnstile,waist height turnstile,flap gate,full height turnstile,swing turnstile and other access control related products.Due to our constant development and improvement these years,we have won a good reputation both in China and oversea.So far,we have business partners in more than 50 countries in the world and the quantity keeps increasing. On the basis of the reliable client feedback we continue improving the quality and features of our product range.We sincerely hope to build a solid cooperation relationship with you on the basis of mutual benefit. We have a great team group and they are professional in mechanism & drive board designing, developing and manufacturing. We have high precision manufacturing facilities, such as CNC bending machine,CNC shearing machine,CNC lathes,Automatic laser welder machine etc.We are professional in high-end channel turnstiles,OEM&ODM is available. Our advanced facilities allow us to implement a one-stop system for manufacturing and quality assurance over the course of the entire production cycle. In addition, we utilize advanced testing equipment and various testing methods in all production processes, from incoming material inspection, through each production process, to finished product detection and testing. The product manufacturing and testing are conducted in rigorous conformation with ISO international quality management system standards, allowing our company to be ISO certified. Meanwhile, our products have earned CE marking. For this new year, we hope we can have more clients from all over the world. If we can become good partners for each other, please feel free to contact us and we will try to respond to you as soon as we can, no matter how small your question is. We can provide customized services, and if you are interested in us, send us inquiries right away, and we will provide good services and attractive prices to you as much as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you very much!
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Year established
Total employee
Country of origin
Shenzhen, China
Annual sales
around 2.5 million USD
Production line
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