Front-Mounted Ultrasonic Detector RS 920

The RS 920 front-mounted ultrasonic detector is designed with an idea of highly integrated industrial products, and integrates the parking space detection with the indicator function. Based on the working principle of ultrasonic distance measurement, it can detect whether there is a vehicle in the parking space of the parking lot in real time, and display the detection result in different colors by the parking space indicator light, and uploads the result to the area controller.



Product Model:RS 920
Shell Material:Gray ABS
Communication Interface:2*RJ45 ports
Net weight:180g
Working Voltage:DC 10-28V (Rated 24V)
Indicator Light Type:Seven-color glossy LED
Power Consumption:<1W
Installation Position:Horizontal: 3.9-4.2m (from the car blocking line);Vertical: 2-3m (2.5-2.8m recommended)
Operating Principle:Ultrasonic distance measurement
Response Time:Response time of the detector after parking is <2s
Detection Error:2cm
Detection Accuracy:≥99.9%
Communication Distance:≤300m (CAT-5 network cable)
Distance for Power Supply:≤150m (CAT-5 network cable)
Working Temperature:-20℃ to +70℃
Ambient Humidity:40%-70%RH, no condensation


Highly Integrated Design

Integrate the parking space detector with the indicator light greatly and feature low deployment costs and short construction time.







Precise Detection

High-precision ultrasonic detection sensor, combined with the intelligent learning anti-interference algorithm, with the detection accuracy of ≥99.9%






Stable and Reliable Operation

Designed with a two-way independent ultrasonic circuit, two-way switching, redundant backup, and work stably and reliably.







Highlight LED

Highlight LED beads with a wide viewing angle and a long visible distance designed for the parking space state indicator.







Low Power Consumption

Designed with an idea of low power consumption, and after continuous optimal design and debugging, make the power consumption of the product lower than 1W





Plug and Play

Two ports for network connection to achieve communication and power supply, without additional extra wiring, and plug and play.