Entrance Parking Space Display RS 900

Entrance Parking Space Display RS 900 is an entrance parking space display screen carefully developed by fully considering the needs of users and integrating the advantages of similar products on the market. This display adopts a unique trophy-shaped design, with high-end manufacturing process. It is divided into four models: single-screen, double-screen, three-screen, and four-screen. The product is installed at the entrance of the parking lot, and displays the parking space information in digital form in real time, indicating the number of vacant parking spaces in each area, guiding driver to park easily, saving time for entering and finding an available space, and supporting all-weather use outdoors.


Entrance Parking Space Display RS 900 Design

Tall and Beautiful

2.4 meters high, trophy-shaped appearance design, acrylic panel is perfectly embedded in the chassis, and the guidance info is clear at a glance.













Clear and Visible Under Strong Light

High-brightness LED display module, the brightness is as high as 3000cd/m2, and the display content is clearly visible under strong light.



















Easy to Install and Maintain

Modular structure design, simple structure and easy installation. The replacement of core components takes less than 10 minutes, meeting the needs of rapid operation and maintenance implementation.

All in One Screen

Support single-screen, double-screen, three-screen, four-screen; support red, green and yellow three-color display, with large display area.










Shell Material:Sheet metal, flash silver black coating
Panel Material:Acrylic
Base Material:Sheet metal,  champagne and gold spraying
LED Module Area:487.4*243.5mm (single layer)
Working Voltage:AC 220V±10%  50Hz
Point Spacing:7.62mm
Periodic Lattice:64*32 dots (single layer)
Display Color:Red,  green and yellow
Viewing Angle:Horizontal 160 º/ Vertical 120 º
Response Time:≤15s
Screen Life:≥100 Thousand Hours
Communication mode:RS485 or TCP/IP
Protection Degree:IP54
Working Temperature:-25℃ to 70℃
Operating Humidity:≤95%,  no condensation