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The car theft gangs in the Toronto area are so rampant right now! Many experienced drivers are now on tenterhooks, fearing that their cars will be stolen at any moment.
The photo below was uploaded by a netizen named JimChuong from Toronto. In the photo, I saw a family parking their car in the driveway in front of their home. It seems that the owner of a single-garage house installed a controllable retractable metal barrier (Hydraulic Bollard) on the driveway because he was worried about thieves coming to steal the car.

install security bollard to prevent car being stolen

After parking the car, raise the fence and lower the metal blocking rod (rising bollard) to go out. It does not take up space and does not block light. It can be said to be a clever trick.

After this photo was posted to Twitter, netizens were shocked! But some want to laugh and some want to cry. . .

How to prevent car thieves? Install Security Bollard!

Car thieves are using increasingly sophisticated methods, and most new vehicles are vulnerable.How to prevent our vehicles, especially new cars, from being stolen? Installing the Security Rising Bollard can effectively protect the safety of our vehicles.

Generally speaking, in order to maintain order in front of the entrance and exit, anti-collision devices (Automatic Rising Bollard) are placed at the entrance and exit. As a traffic facility that prevents forced intrusion of vehicles and blocks and guides incoming and outgoing vehicles, the anti-collision Hydraulic Bollard effectively strengthens the safety of important security areas.
Providing a safe and reliable line of defense for people’s safety is the vision of every security person. In our view, the most important role of security products is to prevent uncontrollable risk factors in the future.

Automatic Hydraulic Bollard

But with auto thefts on the rise (from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report), more than 773,000 motor vehicles were stolen in 2017. Worryingly, thieves are increasingly using high-tech tools to target weaknesses in sensors and computer systems, making vehicles more vulnerable to theft. At this time, we discovered that Rising Security Bollard is usually in an interception state. When a vehicle needs to pass, only after the control center gives valid instructions (card reading, remote control, license plate recognition, smartphone, manual button of the person on duty, etc.), Automatic The Security Bollard will lower and open the passage to allow vehicles to pass; after the vehicle passes through, the sensor will determine that the vehicle has passed and automatically raise the anti-collision bollard to intercept the passage, or raise the anti-collision bollard through remote control, smart phone, manual button of the person on duty, etc. Ramping posts block the entrance to the passage. Such a function can effectively combat the “cunning” methods of car thief.