Introduction of seven common fault repair methods for Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile is a kind of Turnstile Gate. Various faults often occur in the process of daily use of Tripod Turnstile. Tina from RS Security Co.,Ltd will summarize seven common troubleshooting methods in this article. However, it should be noted that different brands of Tripod Turnstile may have different maintenance steps when they fail. You can leave a message below for consultation.

Fault 1: Tripod Turnstile cannot be opened:

Repair method:

  • A. Check the control panel;
  • B. Check whether the electromagnet screw is loose or broken;
  • C. Check the drive plate of the three-roller brake. At this time, the input of the drive plate can be short-circuited (1# opening or 2# opening input), if the solenoid valve or the green light responds normally.

Fault 2: Tripod Turnstile cannot be loaded manually:

Repair method:

  • A. Check whether the electromagnet of the power-off drop bar absorbs the iron block;
  • B. Whether the electromagnet of the power-off drop bar has DC12V power supply;
  • C. Check whether the electromagnetic device of the power-off lever falls on the shrapnel of the turntable. If so, move the entire device up so the two don’t touch.

Fault 3: There is a buzzing sound when the Tripod Turnstile is turned on:

Maintenance method: Adjust the four bottom corner screws of the electromagnet, reduce the suction gap of the electromagnet, and check whether there are other resistance factors.

Fault 4: Tripod Turnstile indicator light is not on:

Repair method: Check the power supply or fuse, and check whether the infrared reading device is in good condition.

Fault 5: Collision occurs when Tripod Turnstile is opened:

Maintenance method: Adjust the strength of the damper to see if there are impurities or loose parts.

Fault 6: Tripod Turnstile cannot be reset in time after opening:

Maintenance method: Check whether there is 12V voltage output at the H2 position of the motherboard, there is no possibility that the motherboard has a problem. Block the reset switch head with a metal sheet, the main board lights up red, and the reset switch tail lights up red light, indicating that there is no problem, which one does not light up and which one has a problem.

Fault 7: After opening and resetting, open the gate again in the opposite direction:

Maintenance method:

  • A. Open the movement cover and check whether the normally open and normally closed contacts of the left and right travel switches are sensitive;
  • B. Adjust the position of the light shield (see 4, -B);
  • C. Adjust the position of the left and right travel switches: when the left and right brakes are unlocked normally, the left and right positioning arms cannot touch the travel switches (note: the gap between the two is as small as possible).

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