Hydraulic Bollard RS 1002

1.  System: electric-hydraulic system

2. Max passing pressure: 80 tons trucks

3. Voltage: AC220V 50Hz Integrated

4. Power(w): 300W Integrated

5. Uptime: 4.5S

6. Downtime: 3S

7. Working temperature: -65℃~75℃

8. Material: 304 stainless steel

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The product adopts hydraulic drive technology for mandatory interception, strong load-bearing and anti-collision capability, simple and flexible operation, hydraulic transmission, stable and fast action, low noise, strong traffic capacity, safe and reliable, strong carrying capacity and stable lifting.


Product Name:Hydraulic Bollard
Model:RS 1001
Waterproof degree:IP68
Material:304 stainless steel
Running speed:2-4S ( ascending )
Surface treatment:brushed finishing
Operating Temperature:-40ºC to +70ºC
Rising height:600mm(default), 800mm, 1000mm
Power supply:110V/220V/(control voltage 24V)
Control mode:integrated hydraulic and electro
Wall thickness:6mm(default), 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm
Bollard diameter:168mm, 219mm(default), 273mm, 324mm etc
Control model:push button/remote control standard, loop detector /card reader optional
Safety signs:reflective tape/LED warning light zipper/loop detector system traffic lights
Optional Function:Traffic Lamp/Solar light/Hand Pump/Safety Photocell, Reflective tape/sticker, buzzer
Cylinder:stainless steel/plastic coating for steel tube Traffic Road Bollard,automatic bollards,cast iron road stake bollards
Optional Color:Brushed titanium gold, champagne, rose gold, Brown, red, purple,sapphire blue, gold, dark blue paint, chocolate,stainless steel,Chinese red paint


  • Different thickness of steel is available (default 6 mm)
  • The different color is available
  • Customized size is available
  • Steady and safe due to the OMRON PLC control system
  • Speedy rising time and durable quality with hydraulic pressure
  • Housing with durable and stainless Galvanization
  • Optimization of the frame structure, high anti-impact capability, high loading capability
  • High security and anti-collision ability
  • With a reflective band and a low energy consumption LED light at night


Automatic bollard Feature

  • High security and anti-collision ability
  • Pneumatic air pump in control cabinet could procide large power safely for a long time.
  • Electronic control, automatic rise/fall
  • High system independence

Automatic bollard Materials Available

  • 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and carbon steel with electrophoresis spray paint.
  • Automatic bollard Flange Anti-skid flange with unique some pattern design.
  • Compatible with various road surface styles. Built-in PA orientation.

Automatic bollard Reflective band

  • Various color options for Glossee aveolate reflective band;
  • only need weak light to be clearly visible at night.

Automatic bollard Top cap

  • Its simple integration design is compatible with all kinds of architectural style.
  • Excellent workmanship is amenable to any close attack.