How to install the Swing Turnstile in an office building?

1.Make a plan

  • Whether the installation site is outdoor or indoor, wear a waterproof box Swing Turnstile in the open air to prevent the weather from corroding the circuit board. The choice of waterproof box should also be environmentally friendly. In the south, you can use a plastic waterproof box with a heat dissipation system, and in the north, you can use an iron waterproof box with a temperature adjustment system.
  • Know the situation on site and choose Swing Turnstile such as Bridge Swing Turnstile or Vertical Swing Turnstile. Determine its size and floor area. When determining the model selection, fully consider the gap between the gate and the gate (the gap between the gate and the chassis is generally 50mm), the floor space and placement of each Swing Turnstile.
  • According to the distance between the main control computer and the bridge-type Swing Turnstile, it is recommended to choose the wiring method, open line or dark line. The controller communication method, if the distance between the computer and the bridge Swing Turnstile is within 800 meters, choose 485 communication. The distance is more than 800 meters. Select TCP network communication.

2.Preparation before installation

  • In general, according to the actual size of the Swing Turnstile before installation, lay 2 plastic pipes of 6-8 points on site, and leave a gap of 50-100mm between the Swing Turnstile and the Swing Turnstile, which is convenient for opening the cover, adjusting the machine, and maintaining Wait. The equipment is pre-buried between the equipment. One rubber hose must be used for the power line (strong current), and the other rubber hose is used for the signal line (weak current). The power line and the signal line cannot be connected to the same hose at the same time, which is easy to cause security risks. Communication The effect will also be affected. The embedded pipe should be 30-40mm high above the ground, and the bridge-type Swing Turnstile should be on both sides.

3.Fix and adjust

The fixed bottom is fixed with 4-M10100 expansion screws, which cannot be shaken. The overall appearance of the whole machine is the same. It is recommended to connect the Swing Turnstile and the Swing Turnstile in series, and adjust them one by one until they can be used normally. Swing Turnstiles must be placed level with the ground for optimal performance and longevity of Swing Turnstiles.

4.Install the ground wire

Most of the bridge-type Swing Turnstile shell is made of stainless steel. If there is no shell ground wire, it will cause a great safety risk to the user’s personal safety.

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