Half Height Turnstiles RS 995-1

Product Name:  Half  Height Turnstile

Model:  RS 995-1

Brand:  Bloccante

Size:  1400*280*980mm

Material:  304 Stainless Steel


Half High Turnstile RS 995-1 Also Called(Half Height Turnstile,Half Height Barrier,Half High Barrier,Waist Height Turnstile) is an upgraded product of Tripod Turnstile.Half Height Barrier RS 995-1 full body made of 304 or 316 stainless steel;case thinckness is 2.0mm.Half Height Turnstile RS 995-1 is divided into 120 degrees and 90 degrees, mainly used for the management of the channel entrance and exit, with convenience,safety, eliminate illegal access, and in the case of emergency quick control of free access and other characteristics.Half Height Door RS 995-1 consist of mechanism,bars,electric circuit,electromagnetic,hydrulic damper,led lamp and so on.Half Height Gate RS 995-1 with standard fire interface,arm can be free rotation by force for evacuation even power is not cut off when fire alarm triggered.Waist High Turnstile RS 995-1 anti-passback,with ydraulic damper,low impact sound and high durability.Waist Height Turnstile RS 995-1 is widely used in factory,airports, stations, docks, scenic spots, parks, smart communities, prisons and other occasions.Half High Barrier RS 995-1 corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance,strong pit rust ,waterproof and light proof,durable,and still as new after many years of use.

Tech Date

Product Name 
  Half Height Turnstile
 RS 995-1
Framework Material 
 304 Full Stainless Steel
 1400 * 280* 980mm
Net Weight 
HS Code 
Passage Width 
 2 Lanes, 640mm/lane
Angle Degree 
 ≤90/120 degree
Working Environment 
 Indoors or outdoors with shed
Power Supply 
 AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Operation Voltage 
 24V DC
Power Consumption 
Operation Temperature 
 -15 ° C – 60 ° C
Flow Rate 
 40-45 people per minute
LED Indicator 
 Automatic arm drop when power off
Communication Interface 
 RS485 (Distance: <=1200m), TTL232
Drive Motor  
 DC Brushless or Servo Motor



Half Height Turnstile System RS 995-1
Half Height Turnstile System RS 995-1
  • the transmission system combining the unique manual rotating brake lever with the automatic reset, automatic locking and unlocking mechanism makes the running of the turnstile door safer, more reliable and more convenient.
  • the whole system runs smoothly with little noise.
  • there are a variety of working modes to choose from, including two-way card reading and limiting the current, or reading the card on one side, forbidden to travel in the other direction, reading the card on the other side, and free passage in the other direction, and the working mode of the brake can be set by the user through the built-in touch button. (select single channel or multiple channels according to the occasion)
  • Half Height Turnstile has the function of remote operation to drop the bar, so as to meet the special needs of users and fire safety requirements.
  • Half Height Gate has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing devices to facilitate system integration, and can achieve remote control and management through the management computer.
  • Half High Turnstile can automatically count the number of passers in the passing direction and has LED display.
  • Waist Height Turnstile has a clear function of passage indication. It can indicate whether passage is allowed or forbidden to the passer in an intuitive LED or backlight.
  • with or without the memory function, and users can set it according to their own needs through the built-in touch button.
  • with automatic reset function. When the passer fails to pass within the specified time after reading the card, the system will automatically cancel the passer’s access, and the limited access time can be set by the management.

Customized extension functions:

  • Count, alarm function, face recognition, fingerprint, qr code, LED screen display, touch screen, etc
  • The common height and width can be customized according to the occasion requirements to meet different customers’ requirements for security and appearance
  • The chassis material is mainly 304 and A3 steel, other materials can also be customized
  • Half Height Turnstile can connect with remote control switch, access control system, consumption system, attendance system, electronic ticket system, biometric identification system, electrostatic tester, two-dimensional code authorization of residential visitors and residents and other devices and functions
Half Heigh Turnstile  Diagram RS 995-1
Half Heigh Turnstile Diagram RS 995-1


Half Height Turnstile is widely used in airports, stations, docks, scenic spots, parks, smart communities, prisons and other occasions that need to realize intelligent management of channels.