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Full Height Turnstiles RS 997

1. Size: 1500x150x980mm (can be customzied)

2. Supply Voltage: 110V-240V, 50HZ/60Hz

3. Working Voltage: DC24V

4. Relative humidity: ≤95%, No Condensation

5. Unlock time: 0.2s

6. Material: 304 stainless steel

7. Arms material: 10mm acrylic

8. Motor: Brushless Servo Motor

9. Passage width: 600 mm standard 900 mm handicapped

Sliding Turnstile Also Called(Speedlane,Speed Barrier Gate,Speed Gate,Speed Turnstile). full body made of 1.5-2.0mm thinckness 304 or 316 stainless steel;Speed Barriere upgrading product of flap gate turnstile.Speed Torniquete fame is 304 stainless steel.Speed Tourniquet consist of wing,sensors,motor,lem lamp,mechanism,electric circuit and so on.Speed Turnstile the wing hight up to 1400mm from ground.Flap Turnstile anti-crawling,anti-climbing.mainly used in high securit places.Flap Barrier with standard fire interface,wing open for evacuation evean power is not cut off when fire alarm triggered,memory can be set,swipe cards several times for group pass,fast transit speed.Speed Barreira sensors number,casing size and wing color can be customized.