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Flap Barrier failure analysis and repair methods

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Flap Barrier failure analysis and repair methods

Swing gates and wing gates are the two most commonly used types of turnstiles. Today RS Security Co., Ltd summarizes six common faults of swing gates and wing gates, analyzes them and briefly introduces the maintenance methods. The majority of friends who use swing gates and wing gates are helpful.

one. The gate does not operate when the power is turned on

1) The zero position and power indicator red lights on the main board are on, normal, and the motor does not operate.

A. Check whether there is voltage output (DC24V) at both ends of MA and MB of the motor terminal. If there is output, check whether the motor connection is disconnected; whether the motor is damaged, check whether the motor is damaged, and directly connect the red and black wires of the motor to the battery See if the motor is moving;

B. If the above inspection is also normal, the movement may be stuck, first connect the red and black wires of the motor to the battery, let the swing arm return to the zero position, then restore the red and black wires of the motor, and test with a manual switch. The switch swing arm will move, but it is not smooth, indicating that the movement is damaged by impact, and the movement needs to be repaired

2) The zero position of the main board indicator and the power indicator red light are on, and either the left or right yellow light is also on, indicating that the zero limit board is faulty. Replace the zero limit board

3) The indicator lights of the main board are off. Check the voltage output (AC12V) of the transformer output terminals PA and PB. If the voltage is normal, check whether the fuse is blown. If all the above are normal, judge that the main board is damaged; if there is no voltage at the output of the transformer, it means the transformer is damaged, replace the transformer


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