Parking Boom Barrier RS 601

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Boom gates are typically found at level crossings, drawbridges, parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. They are also the usual method for controlling passage through toll booths, and can also be found on some freeway entrance ramps which are automatically controlled to drop to restrict traffic in the event of accident cleanup or road closures without the need to dispatch road workers or law enforcement to use a vehicle to block the way. Some boom gates are automatic and powered; others are manually operated. Manual gates are sometimes hung in the manner of a normal gate (i.e. hinged horizontally). In some places, boom gates are installed across suburban streets as a traffic calming measure, preventing through traffic, while allowing authorised vehicles such as emergency services and buses to take advantage of the shorter and more direct route.


Product Name:Boom Barrier
Model NO.:RS 601
IP Rating:IP54
Motor Watt:100W
Lever to Ground:890mm
Package Size:40*30*105 Cm
Remote Distance:Within 30m
Specification:40*30*105 cm
Certificate:CE ISO9001-2015
Degree of Distortion:Rigid Barrier
Boom Length:6m (Maximum, Adjustable)
Transport Package:Standard Package Is Carton Box. Wooden Case Will B


  • Adjustable speed: The operating speed of the barrier can be adjusted as required
  • Return when blocked: When encountering obstacles such as people/cars during operation, the pole will be automatically lifted; the sensitivity of the return to obstacle can be set as required
  • Intelligent self-check: Intelligent self-check, always protect system safety
  • Delay closing: Time delay can be set to close the gate, with infrared protection device to realize unattended
  • Sense count: With ground sense counting, suitable for high-throughput application environment
  • Error code: Check the running status of the movement, and display different fault codes when a fault occurs, so as to eliminate the fault
  • Function setting: With function settings such as lever type selection, starting angle, counting, delay drop, return sensitivity when resistance, 485 communication, running status, limit setting, etc.

  • Using high-speed servo motor, small size, light weight, fast response, stable operation;
  • High speed lift, favorite 0.6s; slow falling, humanized safety design;
  • Adjustable left and right directions, adapt to more applications;
  • Encoder limit, high precision, long life, easy debugging;
  • Traffic light display, red light for closing the gate, green light for opening the gate;
  • The door can be closed with a delay time, cooperate with infrared protection device to realize unattended operation;
  • It can be connected with protective devices such as pressure wave, infrared, and ground sense;
  • With the function of outputting the gate opening and closing status;
  • Possess the ground sense counting function, which needs to be suitable for high throughput environment