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The fully automatic Full Height Turnstile Barrier and semi-automatic Full High Barriers Turnstile adopt mechanical anti-tailgating design, which can effectively realize that only one person passes at a time, with very high anti-tailgating performance. The cabinet of Full Height Door Turnstiles is high and large to form a closed structure to control passage, prevent pedestrian from climbing and creeping, so as to realize unattended operation and have a very high security level. cabinet and the rotating column of Full High Gate Turnstiles are detachable for easy transportation and installation.Ip68 Full Body Tourniquet RS 999-1D free rotation by force when power off,locked when power on.180 Degrees Full Height Barrieres RS 999-1D is pedestrian access the upgrading product of tripod turnstile gate.

Tcp/ip Full High Turnstiles RS 999-1D reset automatically,after authorizer pass through,arm back to zero position and locked.Entrance Full Body Turnstile Barriers RS 999-1D anti- passback,with hydraulic damper,low impact sound and high durability.Low-noise Full Height Barriers Turnstile RS 999-1D with standard fire interface,arm can be free rotation by force for evacuation even power is not cut off when fire alarm triggered.Double Routeway Full-high Turnstile RS 999-1D with standard inputs and out puts,can be integrated with different access control device.Automatic Full Height Turnstiles Gate RS 999-1D can be divided into fully-automatic full height turnstile and semi-automatic full height turnstiles.The semi-automatic double-door access control Full Body Barrier Turnstile RS 999-1D adopts an original professional-grade buffer design,which makes the operation more efficient and stable, reduces losses, and ensures the reliability of the mechanism.The mechanism module of the fully automatic double gate Full High Turnstile Door RS 999-1D adopts brushless DC motor and the accurate positioning encoder, combined with the advanced secondary transmission mechanical structure and the rotating column runs quickly, silently,accurately and smoothly.

Product Name
 Bicycle Full Height Turnstile
RS 999-1D
RS Security Co.,Ltd
Framework Material
304 Stainless Steel 
Arm material
Stainless Steel
Speed of throughput:RFID
Maximum 30/minute
Speed of throughput:Face
Maximum 15/minute
Speed of throughput:Fingerprint
Maximum 25/minute
Arm Support
120° rotors with 3 sections or 90° rotors with 4 sections
Passing Direction
Single directional / Bi-directional
Net Weight
Passage Width
Operation Voltage
24V DC
Power Consumption
Operation Tremperature
-15 °C – 60 °C
Operation Humidity
0 ~ 95% (No freeze)
Working Environment
Indoor / Outdoor
Flow Rate
30-40 people per minute
LED Indicator
Access Control
Samrt Card,Fingerprint
Automatic arm open when power off
Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485