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rising bollard pricelist

A brief description:

Rising bollards is suitable for high-end residential villas, pedestrian streets, government agencies, public security laws, bank toll stations, fire exits, park isolation roads, high-end communities, parking lots, etc., which need to flexibly control the entry and exit of vehicles, and prevent the malicious forcibles of vehicles. Safeguarding the safety and normal order within the intersection. (rising bollards offer)

Rising bollards overview: Suitable for high-security vehicles entering and leaving the site. In addition to replacing the traditional barrier gate equipment, it can also improve the safety of the protected area, improve the overall grade and image, and its buried design will not damage the overall style of the building. Applicable to high-end residential villas, pedestrian streets, government agencies, public security inspection methods, bank toll stations, fire exits, park isolation roads, high-end communities, parking lots, etc., which need to flexibly control the entry and exit of vehicles, which can prevent the malicious rush of vehicles and ensure the intersection. Security and normal order within. The Nikomai lifting pile system adopts the mainstream practice of imported equipment: the small hydraulic motor is placed in the column pre-embedded box, and the ground controller only needs to be connected by 5x2.0m2 wire, and there is no distance requirement between the controller and the controller. Each lifting column is work alone, or it can be synchronously lifted and lowered, and the lifting speed is faster. The system structure is simple and clear, and the construction and maintenance of the project are simple. (rising bollards offer)

Rising bollards parameters:

◆Working voltage: AC220V

◆Total weight (including power unit): 130KG

◆Diameter: 219mm

◆ Round tube thickness; 6mm

◆Surface treatment: polishing, drawing or spraying

◆Height: 600mm

◆Rise speed: ≤5S

◆Descent speed: ≤3S

◆Reflective belt: high 5cm reflective tape around the cylinder

◆Running noise: <60db

◆Protection level: IP68 (rising bollards offer)

Product installation:

1. Semi-automatic rising bollards installation: After finding the center point to find the pit with the same size as the product, the bottom is covered with sandstone of about 10cm, and then placed into the lifting pile to make it level with the ground. Then pour the cement around the lifting pile until it is flush with the ground.

2, fully automatic rising bollards installation: in the position where you need to install the lifting pile, find the center point to dig out the pit of the same size as the product, the bottom is covered with 10cm of sand, and then put into the lifting pile to make it level with the ground Flat, the pre-buried diameter 6-segment pipe is connected to the controller, and then cemented around the road pile until it is flush with the ground, and the controller is connected to the 220V power supply. ()

Use range:

Products are widely used in urban transportation, * and important national institutions and surrounding areas, pedestrian streets, highways, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and many other occasions. Through the restrictions on passing vehicles, the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places is effectively guaranteed.

1. Gates of important organs such as state organs and *: Install lifting barriers, which can be controlled by electric, remote control or credit card to effectively prevent vehicles from entering and illegal vehicles from entering.

2. Pedestrian Street: Install a lifting roadblock at the intersection of the pedestrian street. The roadblock is in a rising state and restricts the entry and exit of the vehicle. In case of emergency or special circumstances (such as fire, first aid, leadership inspection, etc.), the roadblock can be quickly lowered to allow the vehicle to pass.

3. Road isolation belt: In the non-fully enclosed road isolation belt, a lifting road barrier can be used, which usually prevents the vehicle from turning left or turning around. In case of special conditions such as road construction and road blockage, roadblocks can be lowered to allow vehicles to be diverted.

4. Multi-purpose plaza: During the daytime, roadblocks rise, vehicles are prohibited from entering the plaza, and the plaza is used as a temporary parking lot at night, and the roadblocks are put down, and the vehicles can enter the parking.

5. Open parks: Elevated roadblocks are installed at open park intersections. Usually, roadblocks rise to prevent vehicles from passing, and visitors can pass freely. In case of special circumstances, lower the lift barrier to allow the vehicle to pass.

6, the community, banks, schools and other places that restrict the entry of vehicles and ensure the effective use of fire exits.

7. Expressway: It is necessary to urgently close the road and use the automatic lifting road pile, which is convenient and quick, and can solve the pressure of insufficient police force.