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Rising Bollard Introduction

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hydraulic bollards_RS Security Co.,Ltd

Rising bollard, also known as literal bollard, lifting piles, anti-collision piles, hydraulic rising bollard, isolation piles, etc. English name Bollard. The term Bollard originally described a short, vertical column that was often used when large vessels in the port were moored. Now its meaning has been expanded to describe various facilities that manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set perimeters, and differentiate roads.rising bollard RS 2003 from RS Security Co.,Ltd  According to legend, the street guardrail began in the 17th century and is shaped like an inverted cannon, used as a boundary setting and a city sign. Since then, they have appeared more and more in our daily lives, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops and stadiums. It is often possible to see bollards of various shapes, either to indicate the direction of travel, or to protect us from injury, or to tell if parking is possible here. These beautifully shaped bollards landscaping the environment, distinguishing between sidewalks and roadways, and sometimes as chairs allow us to sit down and enjoy lunch.
 Fixed metal bollards are the most common. They are typically painted pillars of about 36 in height, internally cemented and mounted on the ground. Some bollards are square, but most are cylindrical, angled or flat bristle. The size, color, texture, shape and function of the bollards are numerous. They are either fixed, moveable, or telescopic, and can also be used as an ornament to decorate the original steel bollard.

Many bollards have aesthetic features, especially metal bollards, which are used to prevent damage to pedestrians and buildings. They are the easiest way to control access and also serve as a fence to define specific areas. They can be fixed to the ground individually, or they can be lined up to close the road, so that the vehicle is not allowed to enter, thus ensuring safety. The metal railings fixed to the ground serve as long-term fences, while the retractable and movable railings ensure the entry of certified vehicles.
 There are three main applications for bollards—building (decoration), safety (impact resistance), and landscaping (outstanding perimeter). All bollards can be used in architecture and landscaping, differing only in style, shape and material. When it comes to safety applications, different bollards are used to block different objects. For example, the bollards used to stop traffic are different from the bollards used to deal with protection (impact) problems. When it comes to safety applications, the size of the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle in the event of an impact must first be considered.

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