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Tripod Turnstile RS 918-1

Tripod Turnstile RS 918-1 provides an enhanced automatic management to airports, stations,offices, reception areas in corporate, governmental and finacial offices, museums of passenger terminals...etc,where there is high-volume pedestrian access and high security control is required.


  - Model                                RS 918-1

- Brand                                 RS Security

- Size/Stick length                  1200*280*980(mm)/free of case 510(mm)

- Arm length                          500mm(norm)

- Material                               SUS304   thickness(1.5mm)

- Input Voltage                        AC110-220±10%,50HZ60HZ

- Driving motor                        24V

- Failure-free operation               5 million/time

- Weight                                   45kg

- Traffic speed                            35 persons/min

- Flap Opening/Closing Time         0.2s

- Channel width                           ≤600mm

- Operating temperature                 -30℃—+70℃

- Communication interface             RS485/TCP/IP

- Working environment                  indoor and outdoor


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Description-Tripod Turnstile RS 118(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)
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The digital tripdo turnstile is elegant and aesthetically pleasing, specifically designed to coordinate with the management system,

and is installed at the entrance and exit of a restricted area for the unidirectional or bi-directional control of passage.It(Tripod Turnstile) can work,when adequately connected,with a recognition system, surveillance system,coin acceptor,paid ticket exit terminal,swipe machine,time clock,etc.Its(Tripod Turnstile)main use in restricted   areas with low security guards or remote monitoring.

Normally Open

This(Tripod Turnstile) is an enegy saving mode,If the system     

detects intrusion of llegal entry,arms will be auto locked to stop the passenger.

Normally Close

Tripod Turnstile is in a locked status system will unlock for

passagers to pass through when receiving legal passing signals.


we adopt interactive detection to enhance logical control and to reducemachine movements.This can reduce wear rate and power consumption.The unique mechanincal design increases mean cycles between failure(MCBF) and enables longer service life.

Single independent electric lock for bi-directional control.Electric lock needs no electricity fro regular passage,and thus realizes effective management of electricity.The effciency of electricity use is remarkably strenghened.

Auto-balanced positioning design reuires no motor power.It (Tripod Turnstile) saves toth energy and maintenance parks.

Customer can change passage modules and parameter settings to suitfor various sites.

Delicate dropped arm mechanism is not only stable and safe,but also reliable and sustainable.

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   Coustom Function:

Project Site System:Face Recognition:Fingerprint recognition:Tolling System:
Workers entrance system, convenient management,able to connect LED Screen, dispaly various information.The Face recognition system realizes orderly passage through face recognition, completely eliminating the generation of punch cardsFingperprint Recognition allows fast transit, fast recognition, orderly transitDuduction and deduction by times, successfully run in goverment, canteen, gym
QR Code System:ID Recognition SystemLED Screen:Gym Software:
QR Code entrance, successfully run in tourist sites, cinemaID Recognition System, succcessfully run in high school, library,etc.Display visitor number, weather, time and so on.Work with gym software, broadcast,set entrance validility.
Card Collector System:App System:Ticketing System:School Entrance System:
Access through the swallowing system, suitable for subways, star hotels, scenic spots, etc., cards can be recycled.Control Tripod Turnstile RS 118 by mobile app,Suitable for large government agencies and security industry.Ticketing Systems Suitable for tourist place, hotel,fast and convenient transitSchool Entrance Systems can realize the function of swiping card,photos capturer, suitable for kindergarten, driving school, exams, etc.





316 Stainless Steel Tripod Turnstiles,Waist High Barriers System,3-arm Gates Access Controller,Gyms Tripod Barriers,New Design Tripod Gate_RS Security Co.,Ltd

Tripod Turnstile RS 118 Facory Tour

Tripod Turnstile Flap Tour

RS Security Co.,Ltd is a Shen China Based company that is specialized in physical access control products,such as:

- Turnstile Gate:Tripod Turnstile,Flap Barrier,Swing Barrier,Glass Turnstile,Full Hegit Turnstile,Half Height Turnstile,Drop Arm Barrier,Speed Gate;

- Access Control: Face Recognition,Fingerprint Device,Card Reader;

- Car Parking System:Boom Barrier,Hdraulic Bollard,Road Blocker,Tyre Killer,Lrp System;

Flap Barrier Factory Tour

Due to our constant devolopment and inprovement these years,we have won a good reputation toth in China and oversea.So Far we have business partners in more than 50 countries in the world and the quantity keeps in creasing.

On the basis of the reliable client feedback we continue improving the quanlity and featurers of our product range.We Sincerely hope to build a strong cooperion relationship with you on the basis of mutual benefit.

Producttion(Tripod Turnstile RS 118) Flow Chart of RS Security Of RS Security Co.,Ltd


                 Tripod Turnstile  Factory Tour

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Turnstile Gate Application:

Tripod Turnstile RS 118 can be widely used in the Station, Wharf, Subway , Factories, Office Building , Hotel , Clubs, Intelligent Community , Enterprises and institution that need intelligent access management.

Face Recognition Tripod Turnstile.jpg                      Tripod Turnstile RS 918.jpg


                         Hotels Tripod Turnstile                                                                                            Terminals Tripod Turnstile

Face Recognition Flap Barrier.jpg                        Face Recognition Glass Turnstile.jpg

                        Stadiums Flap Barrier                                                                                           Gym Glass Turnstile

Glass-Barrier-RS-716-14F.jpg                      Hydraulic Bollard.jpg


                             Club Slim Turnstile                                                                                         Facotory Hydraulic Bollard   

Tripod Turnstile RS 118 can be widely used in




                 Office Buildings




                 Subways statons



                 Gyms etc.

Access Control Tripod Turnstiles,Waist High Barriers Supplier,3-arm Gates Board,Gym Tripod Barriers,New Upgraded Tripod Barrier_RS Security Co.,Ltd

One Year Warranty:One year cost-free maintenance and spare parkts replacement the guarantee of our products(Tripod Turnstile RS 118) is one year from the date the products arrive our customers.

Within one year of the guarantee,if there is any quality problem with our product(Tripod Turnstile RS 118),our customers have the right to ask us to repair and replace the spare parts of the products(Tripod Turnstile RS 118),and we have the obllgation to repair and replace the spare parts for customers,and supply the technical support for them to repair.Our Factory undertakes to pay for cost of the repair and spare parts.

Two Year Warranty:Low charage maintenance and spare parts replacement after one year.

After one year,if there is any quality problem with our products ,our customers have the right to ask us to repair and replace the parts,and we have the obllgation to repair and replace the spare parts for our customers.According to the situation of the damage,our factory will charge the matching cost of the materials and labor.Our customers undertake to pay for the low cost of repair and spares parts.



Generlly,we pack our products (Tripod Turnstile RS 118) in neutral boxes and non-fumigation three plywood.

The normal package is wooden box.

if export to european Countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.

If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for paking or pack it according to customers special request.



1.DHL/EMS/FEDEX/TNT UPS and so on.

2.By air(not door to door)

3.By Sea

Please choose your flavourite shipping method.


Tripod Turnstile RS 118 passed the certifications of IS9001, CE RoHS, FCC, etc.

Up till now, our company has obtained many computer software copyright registration certificates and has various advanced license plate recognition and access control technology in our country.

Factory Strength

RS Securit Co.,Ltd has 3 factories, the company covers an area of nearly 5,000 square meters, has an office building; more than 100 employees, 20 R & D team; 3 overseas agents, 10 domestic agents.

Our Equipment

RS Security Co.,Ltd imports advanced German equipment, such as: laser cutting machine, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, planer, (grinder), shearing machine, bending machine, cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, welding machine.

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