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Glass Turnstile RS 716-1

Sophisticated, Sleek and Space-saving

The Glass Turnstile is the narrowest gate, and one of the most slender in the market. This, combined with the fact that it is highly customisable,

opens up a world of possibilities to the security manager – who is tasked with providing a medium security solution to a high flow area. The Lifeline Speedlane Swing acts as a boundary between public and private environments and does so with finesse.

Technical parameters

  • Material:SUS304,thickness2.0mm

  • Finishing:Lightwiredrawing

  • BarrierMaterial:Acrylicglass

  • InputVoltage:AC220V±10%50HZ

  • MCBF:5Million/time

  • TrafficSpeed:40~60Persons/min

  • FlapOpening/ClosingTime:0.5~60SAdjustable

  • MaximumPassageWidth:6001100mm

  • ControlSignal:Relayswitchsignal/Drycontactsignal

  • SwingArmDriveAngle:180°

  • Communicationinterface:RS485,TCP/IP

  • DriveMotorServoMotor

  • RunningMode:Fullauto

  • Pass:Uni/Bidirectionpassadjustable

  • IPGrade:IP68

  • Dimension1600*130*1000mm



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Speed Gate Turnstile: Servo Motor Speedlane Swing Gate

The Servo Motor Speedlane Swing Gate is the narrowest, most intuitive speed gate

turnstile available. This speed gate is best-in-class when it comes to restricted spaces. Sleek in design and powered by state-of-the-art technology.     

Servo Motor Speedlane Swing Gate Features:

the Most Specified Speed Gate Turnstile Slender, sleek and the most frequently

specified product in the Servo Motor series, is the Servo Motor Speedlane Swing

Gate, the narrowest security speed gate turnstile in the market. The speed gate

turnstile seamlessly guides large groups of people safely through the physical

security barrier using modern technology and sophisticated and intuitive sensors.

The Servo Motor Speedlane Swing Gate can be installed as a single or multi-lane set up and offers:

  • Unique sensors which detect visitors approaching

  • Unauthorised user detection

  • Tailgating detection

  • Intuitive guiding LED lights

  • Sleep function to save energy

  • BoonTouch control panel

  • Premium quality and ergonomic design

Speed Gate Turnstile Narrow Design and Aesthetics

The Servo Motor Speedlane Swing Gate has been thoughtfully designed with aesthetics in mind. It consists of slim, V-shaped, tapered cabinets and smooth, swinging-motion glass barriers (available in various heights). The medium security speed gate has a narrow and ergonomic design which allows smaller floor areas the option to install speed gate turnstiles. The smooth, premium glass casing houses intuitive, coloured LED lights which effortlessly glide along the cabinet top. The lights guide users from entry through authorisation to the secured area. The speed gate turnstile effectively detects tailgating, and the aesthetics can be fine-tuned to either blend in or stand out, depending on your needs.

Popular ‘Level Up’ Options for the Servo Motor Speedlane Swing


A few of the ‘Level Up’ options which are especially popular to the Servo Motor

Speedlane Swing Gate are:

  • Security: Jump-over detection

  • Security: Sound Module

  • Aesthetics: Colours and branding

  • Technology: Servo Motor Boost Pedestal Mount

  • Technology: Universal Elevator Destination Display

  • Technology: Schindler PORT 4 mini

  • Technology: Top Mount


‘Level Up’ and Design Your Custom Speed Gate Turnstile

One size does not fit all and therefore the Servo Motor Speedlane Swing Gate is highly customisable. This opens up a world of opportunities to create your own tailored speed gate turnstile.To get started, choose from an array of quality standard options. Then, ‘Level Up’ where it matters most to your company. Whether it is on aesthetics or on security, you can ‘Level Up’ in any of these categories:

  • Throughput

  • Security

  • Safety

  • Aesthetics

  • Technology

  • Comfort

Suggested Segments:

Corporate offices

Multi-story tenant buildings

Medical and pharmaceutical facilities

Schools, universities and colleges

Sports facilities

Government and embassy buildings

Speedlane Swing and Secure Elevator Destination Control

The Servo Motor Speedlane Swing Gate can be perfectly and intelligently integrated

with Schindler’s Port 4 mini. The two elegantly combine speed gate security and transit intelligence. Read more on the combination of Schindler PORT Technology and RS

Security Co.,Ltd’s speed gates.