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Hydraulic Bollards,Rising Bollards,Automatic Bollards,Security Bollards,Parking Bollards From RS Security Co.,Ltd

Hydraulic Bollards RS 1001

Our Hydraulic Bollards strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality standard requirements from production research , manufacture, marketing to after services, established a complete quality management and assurance system . Also we take effective marketing management protection measures to control the products qulity ,working efficiency and service attitudes ,to ensure all our clients have our best quality products and best services.

Technical parameters

  • Controlsystem:IntegratedElectro-Hydrauli

  • Passingpressure:<=80-120tonscontainertrucks

  • Voltage:AC220V50HzIntegrated

  • SystemDynamicPower:350WIntegrated

  • RisingTime:<=3-4S(canbecustomized)

  • Falltime:<=3-4S(canbecustomized)

  • Material:304stainlesssteel

  • Risingheight:600mm

  • Diameter:168mm,219mm,273mm(canbecustomized)

  • Externalhousingsize:4304301130mm/500500900mm

  • Thicknessofbollard:6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,30mm(optional)

  • Workingtemperature:-35degree-75degree(suitable)

  • StorageEnvironment:10degree-65degree,waterproofandmoisture-proof

  • SolenoidValveVoltage:24V

  • Remotecontroldistance:Approx.50m-100m



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Automatic Bollard,Rising Bollard,Hydraulic Bollard From RS Security Co.,Ltd

Install hydraulic pressure into raising bollard .

  • Every bollard is a   independent unit .

  • Compare central hydraulic system drive.It have those advantages :

  • No need lay underground hydraulic pipeline. Easy installation.

  • Low construction cost   Because of Have no hydraulic pipeline.

  • It only need inspect independent bollard during   maintenance.

  • it is easy to take out the control box from earth .

  • Easy repair and maintenance

  • System takes of   motor and a integration ports connect gear pump and oil box .

  • Then use a all in one hydraulic cylinder to built a complete   hydraulic .

  • use structure parts to install this system into roadblock inner.

  • In this way complete electronic energy >mechanical energy>hydraulic energy conversation process .

Product features :

  • Emergency release ;

  • There is no limited on distance between Independent bollard and control system

  • Can make sure more than one bollard synchronous raise and fall

  • Can takes of short/remote control and short swing card or long range radio swing card control .

  • Can connect with PC reach sequencing control.Suitable for high frequency high safety requirement

  • place


  • LED Light:

    Several colors avaiable,for warning&beautiful;

  • Reflective Strip:

    Can be easily notiec with little light;

  • Hollow Bar SUS304&316:

    To prevent corrosion and smooth functioning even when submerged in water;

  • Flange:

    Plan&Simple,suit for all position;

  • Cover:

    Round,Simple,Water resistant.

Automatic Lifting Column:

  • Anti-collision lifting column is suitable for multiple occasions,


  • spots,pedestrian streets,government department,institutiong

    and other places.

Three Core Advantages:

  • LED warning light:when the led light is insufficient,it will

    serve as a warning to prevent others from being

  • The lighting time canbe set freely and the light is

    automatically turned

Stainless Steel Cylinder

  • 304 stainless steel integrated,corrosion-resistant,waterproof

    and rust-proof.

Thick Material:

  • The wall thicness of the cylinder is 6mm which is more

    sturdy and anti-collision.

  • The bottom is a thickened conecting plate,which is more

    stable and stronger.

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1. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours

2. Customers design and logo are welcome

3.Client's demand are welcomed

4. Credit and quality, the first principle of our management

5. Offer the design of package if needed

6. Various options to make payment more convenient

7. Any suggestions or complaints will be handled at the first