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Subway Flap Barrier,Fare Turnstile,Metro Flap Turnstile Supplier-RS Security Co.,Ltd

Flap Barrier RS 888F

Overall plate structure, the box materials using standard 304 stainless steel, double waterproof treatment.Can be installed in indoor, outdoor with shed, applicable to restrict the passing rate of the place, has the count, attendance, current limiting function.

Technical parameters

  • Dimension:1200*300*980 mm

  • Arm length:500mm(norm)

  • Material:304 # stainless steel

  • Tickness:Head: 1.5mm , Cabinet:1.2mm

  • Input Voltage:AC220±10%,50HZ

  • Driving motor:24V

  • Failure-free operation:5 million/time

  • Weight:35kg

  • Traffic speed:35 persons/min

  • Flap Opening/Closing Time:0.2s

  • Channel width:≤600mm

  • Infrared sensor :3 pairs

  • Operating temperature:-30ºC-70ºC

  • Communication interface:RS485/TCP/IP

  • Working environment:indoor and outdoor



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Flap Barrier,Flap Barrier Gate,Flap Turnstile_From RS Security Co.,Ltd

Reasionable Design

  • 550mm wide passages are comfortable and ergonomic.

  • Recognition system,card reader and ticket validators and hide in the cabinet.

  • Inner circuit adopts DC 24V and DC 12V to drive and control for safety.

  • Built-in 8 digit counter can display passage records.

  • Function setting by parameters is highly adaptive to different environments.

  • Stainless steel structures a stable environment for Flap Barrier.Our design can reduce the

  • vibration and metal fatigue,and also rising machine's efficiency and long life cycle.

  • Cabinet with 2.0mm,sus-304 brushed stainless steel or coating.

  • 12mm transparent high-strength and impact resistant panel.

  • High brightness LED light embedded panel emitting red and green back lights to enhance guidance for passengers.(option)

Outstanding Features

  • Panel's open or close movement can automatically self-correct at the same time.

  • Flap Barrier can adjust panel's open or close speed by parameters setting.

  • (From 0.5-2 seconds)

  • Output torsion of panel can be adjusted and anti-trap safety detection is avaiable.

  • System can salf-detect errors all the time.Alert systme will be send an error message to central when system is in and

    error status.

  • Panel will automatically open for emergency or power outage.(Option)

  • Current Consumption:Maximum 2.0A/AC220V.

Motor Design

  • High performance and stable DC brushless servo motor suitable for long term continuous operation without temperature rises.

  • DC brushless servo controller can digitalize power output.

  • We use this advatage to set up speed and torsion for open/close panel.

  • Motor controller with movement coding monitor can detect extraordinary external

  • force.System will stop power output to prevent damage.

Digital Control

  • Built-in controller with entry,exit and bi-directional modes.

  • We design different function dry contacts on our control panel for various type of space.

  • System with the function of warning,detection,proection,and anti-noise.

  • DC 12V logic voltage.

  • Anti-tailgationg and reverse intruding detection.

  • Memorizing continuous open panel signal input setting.

  • Panel automatically slose after timeout period of 1-30 secs by setting.

  • 2+set logic photocells detection

LED Light & Voice Alarm

  • LED Traffic Light:Passage is allowed when the light turns

    green,and no passage is permitted

  • LED Passage Light:Flap Barrier can use LED light to show

    people the messages:insert your

  • Voice alarm will urge people safely pass through before time

    is up.

Input and Output

  • Entry/exit direction input

  • Open status input

  • Compelling open signal input

  • Fire alarm input

  • Passage completion output

  • Error status alert

  • Talgation alert

  • Reverse intruding alaert

Remote Control

  • RS-485 Interface

  • TCP/IP network remote control allows canges of remote

    control modes and panel opening

  • Remote control box.(Option)

Tripod Turnstile System  

  • Project Site System

  • Face Recognition

  • Fingerprint recognition                       

  • Tolling System

  • QR Code System

  • ID Recognition System

  • LED Screen

  • Gym Software

  • Card Collector System

  • App System

  • Ticketing System

  • School Entrance System