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Supermarket Tripod Turnstiles,3 Arms Gates,Biometric Tripod Gate _RS Security Co.,Ltd

Tripod Turnstiles Doors RS 418

waist-high tripod turnstiles are extensively used in factories, stadiums, amusement parks, mass transit stations, office lobbies, casinos, ski-resorts ,etc. From a security standpoint, they lead the patrons to enter single-file ,so security personnel have a clear view of each patron. This enables security personnel to efficiently isolate potential trouble or confiscate any prohibited materials.

Technical parameters

  • Housing material:304 stainless steel

  • Dimensions:L1200 x W280 x H980mm

  • Arm length:550mm

  • Weight:80Kg

  • Power:DC24V

  • Voltage:AC220V±10%

  • Frenquency:50Hz                                         

  • MCBF:5 million cycles

  • Transit speed:35 persons/min

  • Operating environment :Indoor/outdoor (Shelter)

  • Operating temperature:-30°C ~ 60°C

  • Operating humidity:≤95% no condensation



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Kindergarten Tripod Turnstiles,3 Arms Doors,Biometric Tripod Door From RS Security Co.,Ltd

High Speed  

Normally open mode can reach 30 people perminute.

Lower Noise

Tripod Turnstile is Designed to operated accurately and smoothly.The liquid shock-absorber

positioning enables fluent and quiet mechanical movements.

Passage Module

The bi-directional passage is controlled by control panel.Each direction can be set to

different modules as folows:

1.Control module(Only open when receiving signal of legal passing)

2.No passage module(no passage is permitted)

3.Free passage module(all passagers are allowed to passage.)

Normally Open & Nornally Close Mode

Tripod Turnstile can shift between normally open and normally close modes by changing

paramerters setting.Tripod Turnstile will be auto lock up after personnel passed when

system under normally close mode.

Power Outage

Users can choose free passage or no passage module during power outage by adjusting

solenold position.

Traffic Light

Passage is allowed when the light turnst green,and no passage is permitted when the light

turns red.If traffic light flash in red,please check the system or contact with engineer.


The RS-485 interface facilitates transfer setting and remote control for users.

Dropped Arm Mechanism

The tripod turnstile will auto drop its arm and become emergency exit passage when

receiving power outage or fire alarm inputs.

LED Passage Lights(Option)

The LED passage lights will guide personnel through the passages when people pass the

recognition systems.


Each passage has independent IP address,User Can use TCP/IP to remote control the tripod turnstile.

Passage Controller(Option)               

The Passage Controller specially made for Tripod Turnstile enables function setting and               

system operation.

Function Features

  • Entry/exit signal input

  • Fire alarm/free passage signal input

  • Entry/exit status output

  • LED traffic light

  • Built-in digital counter

  • Uni-directional module

  • Bi-directional module

  • No passage module

  • Free passage module

  • Buffer time for passing setting

  • Alarm sound time setting

  • Other additional function setting

  • Auto detection fro positoning

  • Power:Ac100-240v,50/60Hz,1phase

  • MCTR:≥1,000,000cydes

  • MTTR:≤15Mins

  • Passage Width:500-550mm

  • Certification:ISO9001/CE

Tripod Turnstile System  

  • Project Site System

  • Face Recognition

  • Fingerprint recognition                       

  • Tolling System

  • QR Code System

  • ID Recognition System

  • LED Screen

  • Gym Software

  • Card Collector System

  • App System

  • Ticketing System

  • School Entrance System